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(Harry Potter clip playing) "If all Snape wants the Sorcerer's Stone, why did he try to kill you during a quidditch match?"
Emma Watson was forced to re-live a part of her childhood on Jimmy Kimmel live and she was not very happy about it.
Embarrassing childhood memories happen to everybody except ours doesn't live on the interwebs forever.
OK, this is definitely a moment in Emma's life that she will never live down. So during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel
the actress took a walk down memory lane
when the host asked her about her Harry Potter days.
Little did she know that Jimmy only brought up the past so that he could literally
Talk to her about it and embarrass her in front of everyone
(Harry Potter clip playing) "If all Snape wants the Sorcerer's Stone, why did he try to kill you during a quidditch match?"
"Here, you're helping them with their lines!"
And as adorable as that is in the reveal that those outtakes were really traumatic for her then and they're traumatic for her now,
Simply because, well, I'll let her explain. (Emma)"This is actually quite traumatic for me because I
created issues because of this. J: "Oh really?" E: "Yes!" J: "What issues?" E: "I would ruin takes!"
(Jimmy laughing)
E: "Chris would be like, 'Cut! Emma, you're doing it again!'"
I mean as a nine year old kid having a director completely stop and talk to you because you have ruined the entire scene is pretty,
pretty traumatizing. Embarrassing moments aside, Emma talked about basically filming her own stunts in Beauty and the Beast, and she revealed that yes,
she really did get hit in the face with that giant snowball, in one of those clips.
"I mean, I still got smashed in the face with s-some snow." "Did it hurt? Yeah you really suffered for this film."
"I know..." (Crowd laughing)
And while she didn't mind being pegged with snowballs and things like that because that's just what life is an actor is like.
I'm sure Emma forgot all about the difficulties and injuries from
filming, when she set foot on the red carpet at the premiere of her movie, met all those Disney legends,
and her idol, Celine Dion.
"I just met Paige O'Hara, she played me in the original animation, that's a big deal, okay
I just met Linda Woolverton, she wrote the character like Alan Menken is like here, like he wrote all the songs like woah,
overload and then Celine Dion!" So what was your favorite moment?
From Emma's Jimmy Kimmel appearance? Let me know in the comment section below and when you're done with that you better click in this box
right here to watch as Emma blasts critics who called her an anti-feminist.
And don't forget to subscribe to our channel. Thanks for hanging out you guys. I'm Erin Robinson and I'll see you next time.


Emma Watson RELIVES Embarassing Harry Potter Outtake

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