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  • Hi, welcome back.

  • In the last segment we discussed the purpose of man's existence, which is to contain God.

  • And now in this segment we will go on further to talk about how man can receive God and contain Him.

  • Mark, can you share with us now this point about how man can receive God and contain Him?

  • First of all, we need to see in the Scriptures

  • the basis for our saying that man was made to contain God.

  • Actually, in Roman 9:23, the apostle Paul refers to man as vessels of mercy.

  • Vessels are objects that are obviously intended to contain something,

  • just like a pitcher or a cup. All these are vessels.

  • Man, according to the Bible, was created as a vessel,

  • vessel of mercy no less, but a vessel to contain something.

  • And we find out in our last segment that this vessel was made to contain God.

  • Well, how this vessel of mercy can contain God is found in another verse.

  • The key is in 1 Thessalonians 5:23,

  • where it refers to the three parts of man, how man was created.

  • Man was created with a body, that's our physical part.

  • Man was created with a soul, that's our psychological part.

  • And man was created with a spirit, and that's our spiritual part.

  • These three parts of man, some refer to man as a tripartite vessel,

  • these three parts of man demonstrate how man ascertains things of the various realms.

  • There's a physical real, there's a psychological realms, and there's a spiritual realm.

  • So just as the man uses the body to ascertain things in the physical realm,

  • just as man uses the soul to ascertain things of the psychological realm,

  • man has a spirit in which, he must exercise,

  • he must use in order to contact things of the spiritual realm.

  • You pair that verse with John 4:24, which says,

  • "God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit."

  • So, "God is Spirit he must worship Him in spirit."

  • The first Spirit is the big "S" Spirit: "God is Spirit."

  • "And those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit", that's little "s" spirit.

  • Shows us that in order for us to contact God,

  • in order for us to be filled with God, in order for us to contain God,

  • we actually have to use that third part of man, that is the spirit.

  • We have to use our human spirit

  • in order to ascertain, contact, realize, and receive God into our being.

  • So this has been very helpful fellowship on the way to contact God and to receive Him,

  • which is with man's deepest part, his human spirit.

  • Thank you all for joining us.

  • And in the next segment, we will discuss more about how specifically to contact God and receive Him.

Hi, welcome back.


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