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  • Welcome to Weather Time!

  • Your world, your weather: the 5 Day forecast.

  • Monday: look at that smile! 78 — looking sunny!

  • Tuesdaykinda cocky! 74. But the sun realizes it's wearing shades.

  • Wednesday: uh oh! Bad news bears! 80 degrees, sun has a crisis: who made them?

  • Thursday- shifty shifty. We're down to 64 as the sun spirals into depression as it ponders

  • its ignorance about its existence and purpose in a universe it ignored in favor of looking

  • cool in shades.

  • Uh, but we're back with Fridaythe sun gets cool new shades at 78 degrees.

  • That's your 5 day weather forecast, thanks for being with us. I'm Bonnie.

Welcome to Weather Time!


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5日間の天気予報 (5 Day Weather Forecast)

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