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  • Ok, this will be a minute

  • Post up.

  • Dad.. are you there?

  • Alex are you alright?

  • Did you get the zen crystal?

  • Just barely

  • Alex what are you doing?

  • I'm opening the box.

  • Not without the hazard suit.

  • I dont have it anymore

  • If the crystal touches any part of the gun it'll create a fissure,

  • you'll be torn apart by a space-time rift!

  • I know.

  • You're not always gonna be that lucky Alex.

  • At least make sure it works

  • It's not working!

  • Just let it warm up.

  • Alex...

  • Alex!!

  • Contact!

  • ALEX!!

  • Got your back, get out of here.

  • Hey!

  • Hey guys!

  • Im over here!

  • Help me get down from here.

  • Hurry!

  • (The Gravity Gun)

Ok, this will be a minute


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A2 初級

重力銃 (The Gravity Gun)

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