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Hey guys today, I want to share a story with you
about something that I learned while I was watching SpongeBob SquarePants,
and I know this sounds silly, but this is actually one of the most
valuable lessons I've ever learned about language learning.
So a lot of you know that I have spent a lot of time in foreign countries
learning foreign languages and practicing my foreign languages with native speakers.
And if you have ever been in that situation yourself
then you're very familiar with the
feeling of terror that comes along with the moment when
you actually have to speak that language to a native speaker,
and you start to feel self-conscious
and you get all these scary thoughts in your head about screwing up
and having people laugh at you,
and you know, saying something wrong.
And then the moment comes, and you actually speak this foreign language,
and maybe they do laugh at you, and all of a sudden you just come to the
And all of a sudden you just come to the realization that you are a failure and I suck
and I never should have tried this.
This is a problem with attitude.
A lot of times we come at language learning with the wrong attitude.
So while I was watching Spongebob I came across this clip of him,
all down in the dumps because
he came to the realization that he is ugly,
so I want you to pay attention to SpongeBob's attitude
and what he does in this clip
I'm ugly
You're ugly and what?
No. Proud.
I'm ugly, and I'm proud. I'm ugly and I'm proud
I'm ugly and I'm proud, I'm ugly and I'm proud, I'm ugly and I'm proud!
So what does this have to do with language learning?
Well a lot of times we fail at language learning
because we come at it with the wrong attitude
We look at errors and mistakes and bad grammar and accents as if these are something to be ashamed of,
just the same way as Sponge Bob was ashamed of being ugly.
But if you have this attitude you will not progress in your language.
One of the things you have to learn when you're learning languages
is you have to learn to be bold,
and you have to learn to have confidence,
and you have to learn to be proud and embrace your mistakes.
And you have to learn to have the mindset that
mistakes are not your enemies.
They're your friends,
they're there to help you learn more of the language.
And if you spend all your time
just trying to avoid making mistakes,
then you're never gonna learn anything.
So a useful trick is just learning how to reframe your situation.
Every time you make a mistake,
you can shrug your shoulders just like Spongebob and say I'm ugly
you can learn to embrace that and enjoy it
and start to say every time I make a mistake,
I'm learning something.
And maybe the people will correct you,
maybe they'll laugh at you, and yeah, it doesn't feel good.
But you're learning something and
you can learn to enjoy that sensation.
The one thing I don't want to see you doing is
failing to practice your target language because you're too afraid of making mistakes
because you cannot learn a language with your mouth shut.
So take a lesson from Spongebob,
and if you're sitting there all humped over like this saying,
"I have an accent," you have the wrong attitude.
You have to learn to embrace your accent,
embrace your mistakes embrace your screw-ups.
And you have to become proud and bold and confident
and throw your hands in the air and say
"I'm not perfect, I screw up all the time
but I'm learning and I'm getting better,"
and people will respect that.
This says a lot more about your character,
then even if you were able to speak perfectly
100 percent of the time, people don't care about that.
It's more important to be bold.
Thanks for watching the video, and we'll see you guys next week.



スポンジ・ボブが教えてくれた、言語を勉強するのに必要なこと  (What SpongeBob taught me about language learning)

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