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  • have you ever dreamed of being a seller on a Porsche do you want to know what

  • it's like to live on the Navy worship their lives around every corner but have

  • you ever visit to the worship museum on the water

  • let's visit it together hello everyone its Katey here right now I'm in the

  • coolest place in Tainan the dae-jung destroyed museum and now let me

  • introduce you the manager of this museum mr. Lee welcome him

  • hi Nene how okay my funny bone which is also a deep American tetanus it's how to

  • use the knowledge a 90s artist artists are enormous each of soon to see in

  • South Africa are 13 Gio she's earning the goodies but I still manage in Taiwan

  • the holy solder youngsters how a fine tatiana fedorova oh let's go

  • the boat is divided into five sections this is the main deck where the bow is

  • located here are five and thirty eight caliber guns triple mark 32 service

  • vessel torpedoes tubes and treble Shinzon first empty ship mussels in the

  • past these weapons were ro these men firepower in the Taiwan Strait careful

  • don't break anything next is the captain's cabin

  • or we entering we pass through the hole and the watertight door inside there's a

  • table a photo a bag a sofa and an independent bathroom the facility is

  • small but complete the captain could rest easy here you know what's

  • interesting in there the shower room and a toilet they're all separated

  • here are stories from history we can look back on the tale 75 years of

  • service these frames hold records of important periods in the ship's past

  • from its launch in 1945 to 1977 providing a overview of history in those

  • years this is the picture of our sec on when it was commissioned in the US as

  • the ussr's file in 1957 the United States President Harry asked Sherman for

  • the 2tt a37 for a visit in 1972 the USS farce field earned one better start in

  • 1977 the USSR's field was shocked from the US Navy and was transferred to

  • Taiwan it was later reclassified as a DDG 95 I knew it it has its own history

  • and right here is all recorded on this wall that's so interesting

  • I found a mysterious place this is Morse code the military once used it to send

  • messages in secret code to avoid discovered by the enemy this is serious

  • how the Morse code machine works

  • this is the bridge where the captain steered the ship special warship selling

  • instruments are kept here visitors may try the mouse to experience

  • the rail of captaining the ship this is a feat that the captain from here you

  • can see creep on bridge if you walk down onto the tag you can take in the beauty

  • of MP port a general priest glides over the water for new ripples on the surface

  • in creating a soothing spin here we have the ship's Bell odd numbers mark the

  • half hour even numbers mark the hour here's the maritime signal platform in

  • wartime wireless communications can be each drop on so flags are used to

  • transmit messages each movement represents an English letter or Roman

  • numerals okay so that's like the signal bow love

  • here I come is the place that we should love drugs here and I think people

  • believe that locks come on each other together and I'm coming one analogy that

  • each story did not everyone of this tell me you're coming here with your lovers

  • to get a chance to change your love together whether it is a destroyer that

  • protects Taiwan territorial waters or the lost ship that protects love that is

  • always sinus treasures fortress next time you're in MV in addition visiting

  • amping castle don't forget to stop by timelines only battleship museums

  • you

have you ever dreamed of being a seller on a Porsche do you want to know what


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ホット・テヤン EP10.ロックス テヤン (Hot Tainan EP10. ROCS Te Yang)

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