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What if I told you I want to be a writer?
Oh here we go !
Vera that's no way to find a husband !
I'm not getting married.
Not now. Not ever !
Well that's clear then.
Wordsworth, Shelley
All these romantics aren't good for you, you know.
don't worry. They have very little influence.
You must write. Really.
No one has ever said that to me before.
We belong together.
My three musketeers and I.
I just heard I got a place at Oxford
We were born to make a mark on the world
Edward, my little brother
suddenly so grown up.
He's only eighteen.
There are boys from the town, who've already signed up.
How would I look if I'm not among them ?
You've signed up too ?
How many generations get the chance to be involved in something like this.
I am coming back.
There's a call for volunteers.
It's as close to him as I can get. I need to be there.
Our generation will never be new again.
Our youth has been stolen from us.
this heart
don't destroy it.
It might be gone already.
Life, love and you.
Think what they have meant to me.
I won't abandon you.
This is my promise to you.
All of you.
Let's agree, no more fear.
No more fear.


Testament Of Youth Official Trailer #2 (2015) - Kit Harington, Hayley Atwell War Movie HD

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