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  • Hello, I am Carl.

  • Hi, I am Rian.

  • Welcome toHot English Classroom”.

  • Rian, have you heard of Baosheng Emperor?

  • Yeah, he's a very important deity in Taiwan,

  • in charge of medicine and health.

  • Then do you know of Baosheng Emperor's

  • prescription fortune sticks?

  • Prescription fortune sticks?

  • What's that?

  • Back in the days, ill people would go to

  • Baosheng Emperor's temple to seek medicine.

  • After lighting incense and stating their identity,

  • they would place the incense on top of their wrists

  • for a reading of the pulse by the deity.

  • Next, they would go pick a fortune stick.

  • On the stick there will be a prescription.

  • By following the prescription and taking the medicine,

  • your illness would be cured.

  • Tainan's Grand Guan Yin Pavilion and Shin-ji Temple

  • in the North District still practice this tradition.

  • Wow, that sounds amazing,

  • does it really work?

  • These prescriptions are all Chinese medicine remedies

  • that have been passed on for centuries.

  • They're known for being simple, inexpensive,

  • easily accessible, and they also emphasize intestinal health.

  • That sounds really practical!

  • It is also in tune with the needs

  • and living conditions of the populace in the past.

  • What a considerate deity!

  • That's right, this is Taiwan's traditional faith,

  • and it's inseparable from daily life.

  • This makes me really want to go check out the North District now!

  • Speaking of the North District,

  • I also recommend you to check out the Lane 321 Art Village.

  • Lane 321 Art Village? What kind of place is that?

  • Lane 321 used to be the dormitories for military families

  • and college professors.

  • Although it has been desolate for a while,

  • it is abundant in cultural history.

  • With the arrival of many artistic groups,

  • the place has regained some of its hustle and bustle.

  • That sounds like the perfect place

  • for hipsters to take a stroll and take pictures.

  • That's right,

  • it is indeed very suitable for taking pictures and walks.

  • There are many installation art and art exhibitions

  • for photo opportunities.

  • You can also see stories of cultural history too.

  • That's very enticing,

  • is there anything else you can do in the North District?

  • Not far from Lane 321, there's Tainan's oldest park

  • and the Children's Science Museum.

  • You would never think that there could be

  • such a large park in the middle of the city.

  • During the weekends, it gets really lively.

  • It's perfect for a family trip!

  • Wow! Thank you for your recommendations!

  • Don't sweat it!

  • Let's review the key words today.

  • Let's review together!

  • Do you remember all of them now?

  • Yes, I do.

  • See you next time atHot English Classroom”!

Hello, I am Carl.


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