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[S]: Cherry Blossom Season is upon us now. We're about to go on and try some seasonal cherry blossom items right now
We're super excited. Let's go!
[M]: To the bike-mobile!
Na na na na na na na na na!
[Funky song]
[S]: So this here is Baskin Robbins Sakura ice cream.
This has not been on the menu for over 20 years.
It actually has cherry and actual flower in here as well, not cooking flour, but like, the--
[M]: Cherry blossom ? [S]: Cherry blossom flowers in here.
[Simon singing]: I have some ice cream. I have some ice cream. You cannot get none of my ice cream!
You cannot have none -- and that's the part of the song where you drop the ice cream, but I'm not dropping my ice cream
[S]: Oh yes. [M]: Wait, wait. I need to take 4 million food porn shots--
[S]: No, it's going to melt! [M]: Yes, I do. It's not gonna melt, you know why?
[S]: Why? [M]: 'Cause it's a freezing cold day!
[M]: I did never have Sakura ice cream, have you? [S]: Me neither.
[M]: Ever. I don't even know what to expect
[S]: Here go
[M]: Are you serious right now?
[S]: This is actually quite good. It tastes like cherry, but almost like cotton candy.
[M]: What?!?
[S]: It's a smooth
[M]: Is it almost overwhelmingly like when you have a lavender kind of.. or rose?
[S]: Yeah, it's almost like a rose, but except rose food is gross.
[M]: So then, this is nothing like rose cuz you're eating it
[S]: No, very smooth and delicate
[S]: Oh let's see, there's cherry parts.
[S]: Oh wow!
[S]: Not tart at all!
[S]: Nothing about this is tart, it's all just like... smooth.
[M]: Okay give me a piece.
[S]: Wait.

[M]: Give me a scoop.
[S]: Hold on I have to keep on tasting it.

[M]: Bring it to my mouth.
[S]: Okay here you go.
[M]: That is really good.
[S]: Isn't that shocking?!

[M]: It almost tastes like strawberry's best friend. Like it's not strawberry, but it is strawberry.
[S:] You know what it tastes like? It's almost like strawberries and cream.
[M]: Yeah. But with cherry.

[S]: Oh yeah.
[M]: That is lovely!

[M]: I realized we might not have even explained what Sakura is.
So you guys might have heard of cherry blossoms before, and they're all over the world but they're really big in Japan.
A lot of the drinks and the specialty items in Japan can have a little bit of cherry in them, or actual some of the blossom.
This is the Starbucks Sakura and Strawberry Latte.
Seems like a pretty great combination to me.
It's got these little tiny like white chocolate shaved flakes on top and like a strawberry cherry syrup.
[heavy breathing] It's so pretty!
Wait before I dig in, let me show you the whipped cream's actually tinted pink!
Oh my god, it's so pretty. First I'm trying the whipped cream part.
Oh yeah.
That's strawberry whipped cream. That's amazing.
This feels like something you'd make up in your mind as a kid.
"What does it taste like, Princess? It tastes like strawberry whipped cream with cherry shreds on top."
You think I can order just like a cup of the whipped cream?
[S]: Hi I'd like a coffee, just uh... hold the coffee and put on whipped cream.
[M]: No.

[M]: Of course you can, you can do anything at Starbucks. I'd be like...
I want a tall Sakura Latte. No milk, no espresso... Mhm.
[M]: And then that's it! And then I would just get whipped cream in a cup... Okay.
I'm not sure if there's coffee in here, because this is way too delicious.
It tastes like if you took a cherry and strawberry flavored marshmallow
and then you covered ice cream with that - like vanilla ice cream - and you melted that down into a cup.
[S]: How does it taste compared to the Baskin Robbins one?
[M]: It's a lot creamier, I can taste more strawberry in here, I think.
Baskin Robbins one had more of like sharp cherry, like a sour taste at some of the cherry bits, this one's a lot sweeter.
But it's not unpleasantly sweet.
[S]: I'm now going to try a Sakura Pepsi, this is the first time that Pepsi has ever released something Sakura flavored.
And it's not dark! It's just... pink!
[M]: It's so pretty!

[S]: And on the back, let me see if there's any cola flavor in this... and I have no idea what the hell I'm reading.
So let me just give this a shot.
[M]: Careful its... been shaken.

Kinda has a Pepsi-ish - you know what this smells like?
This smells like those fake Cola candies
[S]: You know those like chewy Colas that you taste?
[M]: Oh yeah.

This smells like that. Okay let me give this a taste.
That's weird that tastes - it still tastes... like Pepsi.
It tastes like Pepsi but it still has that like light florid feel to it.
I would totally dig drinking Pepsi if it tastes like this.
[M]: Really? Er mah gerd... Okay.
[S]: This is a better Pepsi than regular Pepsi.

[M]: Whoa I need like--
[S]: How do you even describe that?
[M]: Tastes like bubblegum
[S]: *imitates Martina* Tastes like bubblegum!
[M]: That's exactly what it tastes like!
[S]: I didn't think this was gonna have any Pepsi taste at all but they still somehow maintained the integrity of Pepsi, while making it pink and fluffy
[M]: You know what's great is we bought this for like a really cheap price and I've seen them online already being, like, sold for $5
[S]: We got, like, 3 more bottles in our fridge. If you wanna buy 'em, $100 a pop!
[S]: Get it? A "pop"?
[M]: Yes -.-'
[M]: Now if you're not into eating and drinking sweet things, maybe you just love cherry blossoms, like me!
I just love cherry blossoms!
For their deep philosophical representation of how life is fleeting, and we all too, will die.
Then maybe you should pick up some limited edition cherry blossom things. Like these sweet shoes!
Err mah gerd! Aren't these..gorgeous?
Notice how they're on the table because I've never worn them outside of the house before
And they're on my limited edition cherry blossom table runner from Daiso for a dollar
Beside my limited edition chopstick holders that were also a dollar
And I'm going to enjoy myself a limited edition beer, covered in cherry blossoms. Which I don't think is cherry blossom flavored, but it's so pretty
Cheers to cherry blossom season in Japan!
I will now purchase all your things, Japan.
Just beer.
Just beer.
If you want to learn more about cherry blossom season in Japan, specifically when will the cherry blossoms be blooming?
Click on our blog post below and we will have a scientific study, linked to the actual dates of cherry blossom season of 2016
Yes there are scientists that do that. That's how important it is.


桜が入っている食べ物を探してみた! (Sakura Food in Japan)

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