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  • Konichiwa!


  • Hanami" is the Japanese tradition of viewing cherry blossoms.


  • The custom is centuries old, dating back to the early 700's.

    この風習は一世紀にも渡る伝統的なもので、起源は 700 年代初期までさかのぼります。

  • Flowering cherry blossoms are calledsakuraand usually peak at the start of April.

    「さくら」はたいてい 4 月はじめに咲き時を迎えます。

  • They only hold their blushing blooms for a couple of weeks and as a result, these blossoms symbolize renewal and the fleeting nature of life.


  • To celebrate and honor the sakura, the Japanese hold hanami parties, gathering for picnics under the blooming trees from morning through night.

    さくらの開花を祝って日本の人々は花見パーティーを開き、ピクニックをしに集まります 朝から晩まで桜の木の下で花見を楽しみます。

  • If you have the opportunity to visit Japan during this period, you'll witness thousands of people gather in parks, socializing over sake, tea, and bento boxes full of edible treats.

    もしこの期間に日本を訪れる機会があれば、公園に集まって、酒やお茶や 弁当箱を広げて社交的にワイワイして いる人々を目にするでしょう。

  • Partake by packing your own snacks and finding an unclaimed spot to admire this precious phenomenon.


  • Where have you gone to witness cherry blossoms bloom?


  • Leave your tips, comments, and questions below for other travelers.


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  • Until we meet again, remember to stay restless and seek more.




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