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  • Beatbox is the original instrument.

  • It all comes from the voice,

  • and today, we're going teach you

  • the three basic sounds of beatbox,

  • which make up the foundation of it.

  • Now, the kick is the kick drum on the bottom

  • and it makes the loud bass sound.

  • It sounds like this.

  • Alright, you hear that?

  • How do you make that sound?

  • Well, the way you make that sound is

  • you take a "p" and you take a "b"

  • and you mesh those two togehter

  • and it's going to give you

  • what we refer to as the kick drum.

  • Pb Pb Pb

  • So, alright, so you try this:

  • Pb

  • Pb

  • Excellent!

  • Now, the next sound is the all-mighty snare sound.

  • And the snare sound is basically

  • taking a "k" and an "a"

  • and putting those two sounds together.

  • And it sounds like this:

  • Ka

  • Ka

  • Ka

  • Alright, so just try that, really easy.

  • Ka Ka Ka

  • Now, the last sound is one of my favorite sounds.

  • It's the hi-hat.

  • The hi-hat's my favorite sound

  • because it's always at the tip of your tongue.

  • You basically take a "t" and an "s"

  • and twist those two together

  • and it's going to sound like this:

  • Ts Ts Ts

  • It's great, right?

  • Alright so, you put all those together

  • and you can mix some really amazing, wonderful music

  • that you can do anywhere.

  • You can do it in the car.

  • We can make beats in the car, right?

  • So, we can just drive though the city,

  • making a beat,

  • and it sounds something like this.

  • Let's speak to them.

  • Alright, so that's how you can actually

  • speak to each other.

  • Now, those are really complex beat and patterns, right?

  • So, we're going to do a few beat and patterns with you

  • and you can repeat after me

  • so you can begin to learn these sounds, right?

  • So, check this out:

  • Pb Ts Ka

  • Pa Ka

  • Ts Ka Ts Ka Pb

  • Pb Ka Ka Pb Ts

  • Ts Ts Ka Pb

  • So, we can take all of those

  • different rhythms and sounds,

  • and we can jam with each other

  • by listening to each other, right?

  • So, right now we're just rolling around,

  • we're going to drop a phat beat,

  • maybe see if we can find some friends, alright?

  • Check this out!

  • Pb Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts

  • Pb Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts

  • Pb Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts

  • Pb Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts

Beatbox is the original instrument.


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