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字幕表 動画を再生する

  • This is a small fan painting by the painter Liang Kai


  • done in the first half of the thirteenth century. Now it's mounted as an album leaf

    13 世紀前半の作品だ。 今は、アルバムに入れられている。

  • and depicts a poet strolling on the marshy land,


  • across the river is a little embankment,


  • and a few sketched lines of a distant peak.

    遠くの山がいくつかの スケッチ線で描かれています。

  • It's a very light, very airy composition. The subject matter is quite conventional,

    非常に軽いタッチで、優雅な作品です。 主題は、非常に一般的ですが、

  • but the way it is treated here is very unusual. Many paintings of this time used lots of empty space,

    ここでの扱われた方は非常に珍しいです。 この時代の多くの絵画は空白を多くを使用しました。

  • but if you look at it closely, there's a diagonal across the middle of the composition.

    しかし、よく見ると、 対角線が構成の中央にあります。

  • The unpainted part is actually solid; it's not just mist, it's actually a massive boulder behind it.

    なにも描かれていない部分は実際に形があって、 後ろに巨大な石があります

  • I think that there's a metaphorical dimension to it,


  • that reflects the psychological weight


  • of the stroller beneath it. This kind of composition


  • is very often associated with the poet Qu Yuan,

    詩人 “屈原”を彷彿とさせます。

  • a major court minister very devoted to the nation and to the ruler, but because of some slander he was exiled

    彼は非常に忠実な重臣であったが、 讒言により失脚。

  • and he drowned himself in the river to show his loyalty.

    忠誠心を示すため、 川に身を投げて死にました。

  • And Liang Kai used this overhanging,


  • massive rock


  • above him to show his emotional state. Liang Kai


  • may feel some affinity with the ancient poet. He was

    梁楷は、この古代の詩人に 親近感を感じたのかもしれません。

  • briefly a court painter, and then something happened. He left his prestigious position at court

    彼は一時、宮廷画家でしたが、 何かを期に、朝廷での権威のある地位を去り、

  • and went to live in a Buddhist monastery and he painted there very much in the Buddhist idea


  • of an illusory nature of a phenomenon. He's playing on the idea about the deceptive nature


  • of what can be seen on the surface,


  • and the reality may be behind the clouds, behind the mist.

    真実は雲や霧の陰に隠れている という思想だ。

This is a small fan painting by the painter Liang Kai



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