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-Look at it!
-Let's talk! It's real! It's real!
-It's out! -It's out!
-It's really happening! -Your album is out!
It's finally out. Congratulations.
You were here earlier in the week,
and now your album is finally out.
Are you so -- -So excited!
-Really? -Yeah, I'm so excited.
-I mean, you must be flipping out,
'cause last time you were here, you did "Havana Unana."
-Yes! -Or two time -- two times ago.
-That was my first time ever performing the song, too,
actually, like, on TV.
-And it was just -- and then the next day, trending and then --
top of the charts and then the biggest thing in the world.
And then I was like, "Yes!" It was so good.
-What a performance, what a song.
You just did Jingle Ball... -Yeah!
-...at Madison Square Garden.
-Oh, my God, yeah.
-I mean, big-time, so this is, like, a giant gig.
I mean, this is one of the biggest gigs you can get --
you're at the Garden.
-I ripped my pants that show. Did you know that?
-Yes, I did, and I have a photo of it.
But I don't have a photo of that.
It's just a photo of you, and it says,
"Me trying to look chill, trying to cover up the fact
that my pants just ripped."
-My face looks good in that picture, though.
-Yeah -- your face looks good.
You kept your cool.
You said you ripped it mid-squat.
-Dude, I don't know how.
I literally heard the rip, but my in-ears were in,
and so my song is blasting, you know, full out,
and I still hear this, like, "Crrr."
But, you know, the show must go on.
-But, I mean -- hopefully it did.
But I mean, you just --
you went down, you did like a move, like "Havana..."
-Yeah, it was during -- it was during a squat,
and then I just -- I heard the rip and it was --
-And then what do you do, though, there?
Do you just stay mid-squat?
Just like -- "You guys have been great, love you guys.
New York City! You guys are the best!"
-Oh, my God, no, I --
there was literally parts of the choreography
where I turn around, too, and I was like,
"I don't know what's going to happen right now."
So I didn't remember if I had, like, booty shorts
or whatever or if it was -- but I just --
I just kind of had to keep it going,
and then there was like, obviously pictures
on the Internet of, you know, the rip.
But I was wearing booty shorts, so it's good -- it's good.
-Well, you're a pro, man.
Obviously, I saw you -- I saw you on New Year's Eve.
-And I got to say, it was freezing.
I don't know how you could sing.
It's too cold to watch.
-Well, I don't know if this is true, but there was like a --
wasn't there a negative 100-degree wind temperature
-Yes! -I feel like --
-The bomb cyclone, yeah.
We got the bomb cyclone,
very, very, very popular thing here, but --
-It's insane.
-But did you get to watch the ball drop?
-Yeah, oh, my God, yeah.
It's -- it's crazy, though.
It's kind of bittersweet because when you go
into the ball-drop thing,
they don't let you bring your family up with you.
So I had my -- I had my family in for New York,
but like -- and during the ball-drop moment,
we usually do this thing --
Cuban people do this thing where we have 12 grapes
and we eat them during the last 12 seconds,
and we make a resolution or a wish
for each grape that we eat.
But, anyway, that's a whole other story.
-Wait, you eat 12 grapes in 12 seconds?
-Yeah, like the last -- the last 12 seconds you're like,
"Uh, good health, get a boyfriend."
-All right, so you have no grapes?
-Yeah, so it was basically, it was just me,
and then I had Nick Jonas and Ryan Seacrest
and Mariah Carey.
And, like, the ball was dropping and I was like,
"Am I going to kiss Nick Jonas?"
'Cause I thought it would be, you know,
'cause it's like the New Year's thing.
-Yeah, it's getting down to seconds.
-I've never had a New Year's kiss before, yeah.
-Usually you get someone to kiss when it's midnight, yeah.
-Yeah, I didn't.
I chickened out, but I thought it would be --
I thought it would be funny. You know what I mean?
But Mariah Carey did blow me a kiss, so that was good.
-Hey, well, I'll take that, I'll take that.
-She was like... -Oh, of course.
-And I was like... -"Oh, my God!"
I will say before --
I will say again,
congratulations on the album being out.
President Obama puts out a list of his favorite music.
He puts out a playlist of his favorite music of the year.
-And on the top of the list is guess who?
Camila Cabello, yeah, baby! -Oh, my God!
-That's got to be an honor, huh?
-Yeah, that was crazy.
I actually -- I made a video of me crying to it,
and I sent it to my friends 'cause I do that sometimes.
-Yeah, well, you have to be emotional, yeah.
-Yeah, it was -- it was crazy.
I mean, who doesn't -- I love him so much and I --
I got the opportunity -- I met him -- I've met him twice.
Well, not met him twice, seen him twice
'cause you can only meet a person one time, but --
But, yeah, so the first time that I met him,
it was like this meet-and-greet situation
where it was like, you know, five seconds
and you take a picture and then you, you know, walk away, but --
-Yeah, of course, he's like, "Hello." I'm going --
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-"Thanks a lot. Take care. Bye."
-Yeah, yeah.
That was a really good impression, by the way.
-Thank you. I appreciate that. -Really good.
-It was actually me who you met the first time, so --
-Oh, wow, crazy!
-You only met him once, yeah. -Wow!
So basically I got the chance to tell him.
I was like, "Thank you so much
for everything that you do for, you know, immigrants."
He kind of did this double take
'cause I think he thought I was going to stay something like,
"You rock!" or whatever.
And he was like, "Oh, thank you. That really means a lot to me."
And I really do -- I love the Obamas.
-Yeah. -So that was really --
it was really crazy 'cause I feel like, I don't know,
sometimes I just -- I found that out on New Year's
and I had been home for, like, 20 days
and I don't know --
a lot of the times I totally forget
that I am like a, you know, I have songs out and that,
you know, people listen to them.
And especially, you know, the President even being aware
of my existence and -- -Oh, yeah.
-I mean, that was really, really, really --
-Hell, people are aware of your existence.
They are definitely, definitely aware.
And they're going to be even more aware in 2018.
You're going to have a great year, pal.
-Thank you. -And we love you, pal.
-Thank you so much. -Please, please, come back.
Camila Cabello, everybody!
Her album, "Camila," is out now.


Camila Cabello Almost Kissed Nick Jonas on New Year's Eve

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