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Hey Naturals, what's up?
It's your American English teacher Gabby here to help you with your fluency in
English somebody make some popcorn because today we're talking about the top
Ten movies to help you to learn English are you a movie buff do you love?
Watching movies for fun and entertainment. Well. Why not use them to improve your English skills, too
It's a different way of learning English, but it really works when I was learning Spanish
back around
2002 when I really was focused on improving my Spanish fluency I watched every single
Spanish language movie I could get my hands on and I don't mean American movies that were dubbed or subtitled in Spanish
I mean movies made in Spain or Mexico, Argentina
I watched movies like Nueva Ramos and e tu mama tambien and L labyrinth oh and
Elephant not though and what else Amore's perros now you know
I really can't roll my arse even after years and years of Spanish study someone helped me
But that's okay because I can communicate pretty well in Spanish pretty fluently and that's the main thing
not perfection but connection
So what are the top ten movies that I love in English?
And I suggest for you well. Let me tell you
watching movies is such a good way to work on your language skills because
Movies, I mean well, they're not really real life. I mean they are movies not documentaries. They do show you
natural language
They are scripted
But if acting is good
Then they appear natural much more natural than other language learning resources can sometimes be so
Especially if you're an intermediate or advanced language learner why not learn with movies because they also
Give you a look into
Culture and that's why I prefer to watch movies from one particular country
for example if I'm learning Spanish
I would probably try to watch more movies from Mexico because I'm learning Latin American Spanish
Or if I wanted to learn Spanish Spanish European Spanish
I would watch more movies from Spain and that way I could learn
More about that culture and really focus in on the pronunciation from that country not only
But slang words too if you watched my video about different slang words between British and American English
You'll understand there are some big differences, and I learned too. There's some big differences between
European Spanish and Latin American Spanish so movies are a great way to understand
How slang is used to understand culture to see how people actually communicate with each other in everyday situations?
And some not so everyday situations, too if you're watching
Sci-fi thriller Zoar action movies also movies are really fun
And they'll give you something to talk about with your english-speaking friends and of course
Watching movies is going to improve your listening skills as long as you don't completely
always 100% rely on subtitles
so I'll talk about that a little bit too when to use subtitles and
When you shouldn't so if you are more of a beginner
high beginner low intermediate or even an intermediate English language learner
Then you can use subtitles. I really suggest that you watch a movie the first time with the subtitles on
So that you can at least get a really confident idea of what the movies about and then watch it again
Without the subtitles paying really close attention to the words that you're hearing
So if you're familiar with the concept of the movie that will help you to understand it as well, so
Try to choose movies that are about topics that you're already familiar with and that'll help you to understand when you're watching in English
Definitely don't choose movies that are boring
It's really great to watch classic movies
But let's be honest some of them are a little bit slow and boring so just choose something
You are interested in something that you enjoy and don't feel pressured to watch a movie
Just because somebody else says it's on a list of the 100 classic movies that you must watch before you die or something like that
Watch something that short and light small bits of movies broken up are
Better than trying to do a movie marathon in English you don't want to overwhelm yourself or get fatigued from listening to English
For too long keep it fun and enjoyable
It's just like going to the gym and starting to work out again after not working out for a long time just
Start small lift some light weights and keep going day after day
And it's gonna get easier and before you know it you're gonna be lifting heavy weights and watching long movies
That's the same thing right if you're watching movies by yourself
then try to listen and repeat what you hear you can pause the movie and
Copy what you just heard the actors say
You can try a shadowing or imitation technique and try to talk
Along with the movie at the same time that you hear the actors speaking so that's pretty tiring though
So I would recommend not doing that for the entire movie. Maybe just for five minutes also
I don't suggest doing that if you're watching it with other people if you're watching a movie with your friends
That's awesome, but maybe you won't be able to repeat after what you hear
But try watching movies with your friends with other people who are learning English
Have a movie night for your English study club or your colleagues who are interested in English?
And that's a great way to form a community
And to enjoy the movie together and then talk about it afterwards in English of course finally
I really encourage you to keep an english movie
Journal where you could jot down new words that you hear to look up in the dictionary
after you watch the movie
and you could write a summary of the movie or write your opinion of the movie that later you could share in a
conversation with your english-speaking friends
Without further ado let me share my top 10 favorite movies in English
for you to learn English
number 1
Forrest Gump Forrest Gump is a classic
But it's a classic that I love I will never get tired of this movie
And it shows you a glimpse into the American South it's such a fun movie
I highly recommend it next the King's Speech. This movie is all about
Speaking English it's a real movie
But you get a pronunciation lesson in it so a win win number three
The break-up for something a little bit lighter a comedy about relationships
I really enjoyed this movie so check it out. If you're kind of interested in that kind of
Light romantic comedy next if you love all-out
comedy try The Hangover The Hangover is
Hilarious it's really funny. So it's about a group of guys that go to Las Vegas
And they get a little crazy, and well you'll see I don't want to spoil it
Next another light comedy romance which are called rom-coms. Yeah, romantic comedy is
500 days of summer I watched this one in theatres when it first came out
And it was really fun so if you want something light a rom-com check it out
next number six one of my personal all-time favorite movies ever
Because it has themes of freedom and independence
fighting for what you want in life is
the Shawshank Redemption
It's an amazing movie
It's a little bit older
but I think you'll enjoy it because it's just
Moving I mean if you cry at the end don't blame me number five if you like Tom Hanks. You have to watch
Castaway castaway was a really fun movie to watch for me because I always loved that question
What would you do if you were stranded on a deserted island?
And this movie is all about that Tom Hanks is an amazing actor in this movie
So I think you'll really enjoy it number eight. It's a classic fun movie for adults and kids Toy Story
You've got a watch Toy Story. It is just fun
so if you have kids
Definitely watch this with them number two The Hunger Games this movie has been huge in pop culture lately
I'm gonna tell you a secret. I'm really sorry. I have not seen it yet well
Let me know if you have seen it
Should I watch it finally number 10 if you use facebook? You have to watch the social network
Most people are using Facebook these days, and so you'll totally understand this movie
Even if you haven't seen it before even if you don't watch it with subtitles
I think that the idea of the movie is gonna be really clear because it's about how Facebook was
Founded so there you have it my top
Movies for you to improve your English language skills these will help you a lot with your listening and with your speaking if you try
shadowing or
Imitating what you hear the actors saying so hey?
Let me know what you think of this list and if you watch the movies
Tell me what you think in the comments leave a comment below
And if you love English learning tips like these
Then subscribe to go natural English click right over there
You can learn much more with me when you download my ebook the English fluency
Formula click right up there to learn how to do that
And if you want to keep watching well watch another tip right down below alright. Thanks so much
I'll see you again soon bye for now



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