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  • You've been there,

  • you're about to buy lunch

  • and realize your wallet is in your other pants,

  • or maybe you've left your keys at home.

  • The problem is organization:

  • you need one place for everything

  • like a magic pocket.

  • Putting something into the magic pocket

  • means it's always there,

  • no matter what you wear or where you are.

  • The same thing is true for computers:

  • if you have more than one

  • keeping track of all your files can be a pain.

  • Solving this problem is one of the big ideas behind Dropbox.

  • It's like a magic pocket:

  • a single, secure place for all of your stuff.

  • Let's meet Josh, who's preparing for a big trip to Africa.

  • Right now, all of his trip info is spread accross his

  • laptop, deskop and phone.

  • He needs to consolidate it all

  • and is tired to having email files to himself

  • or move them around with a USB drive.

  • Then he found Dropbox

  • which creates a new kind of folder on his computers.

  • These folders were ... to be exactly alike,

  • even accross Macs and PCs.

  • By adding his itinerary to his laptop Dropbox

  • he can be sure that the same file

  • will show up on his desktop Dropbox

  • and even on his phone.

  • The same thing happens when he saves the document in a Dropbox folder:

  • the document gets updated accross all of his Dropboxes.

  • But it's not just his computers:

  • the Dropbox web site also works

  • to be exactly like his other Dropboxes.

  • Anything he puts in Dropbox

  • is available on the web site, automatically.

  • This ways if his jeep takes a dive,

  • and his computer is ruined,

  • he can still get to his files on the Dropbox web site,

  • where they are always backed up.

  • As it turns out, Josh's safari was a success

  • and his laptop made home with lots of videos

  • and photos to share.

  • Instead of emailing everything,

  • he just shared a Dropbox folder with his mum,

  • so she can get copies of photos

  • she wants to frame.

  • Because it works so well for travel,

  • Josh made Dropbox the home for all of his stuff,

  • so it's accessible any time

  • wherever he goes.

  • Whether you are travelling the world,

  • running a business,

  • or simply organizing your life,

  • Dropbox means you can stop worrying about managing files and backups

  • and get on with your next adventure.

  • You can download Dropbox now

  • at

You've been there,


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