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Synergy 2 from seamless makes it easier than ever to share a single keyboard and mouse with multiple computers
You can check it out at the link in the video description
So we're here in the Intel booth at CES 2018 where they are showing off some very
Non-conventional chips, so first up we've got a quantum
Processor from Intel, this is codename
Tangle Lake the most advanced chip that has ever been designed here, if the folks here are to be believed
And I don't know they seem pretty credible, so Intel is saying that this gate based chip has a provable
Quantum speed-up something that you actually can't take for granted because there has been some controversy in the quantum computing community
Around whether some existing quantum chips are actually faster or
Truly quantum so these connections you see here are actually
fundamentally basic
coaxial connections except, they're made out of solid gold and
This is where quantum computing gets kind of crazy. They are basically
externally driven by microwave generators that control and
Manipulate the qubits so the actual quantum processor though is on the other side and looks a little something like this guys
So this has to be held at a temperature that is
250 times colder than deep space
Space so the only way to get it to that temperature is in a cooler about the size of a 55-gallon drum
And then they're using some undisclosed helium isotope in order to chill it to that temperature now the practical
applications of quantum computing are many
So let's talk about
Biosciences being able to simulate protein folding instead of
Serially bit by bit you can actually look at the whole thing all at once fluid dynamics computational science
Here's something they're talking about once they get to a hundred qubits. They figure. You'll be able to break through brute force alone
Existing encryption schemes so that's sort of terrifying, but I've been assured that we'll have better encryption by the time
That's a problem right right. Yeah good. Okay, so that's great
Next to it
We've got there neuromorphic Loihi chip
So this is actually this little tiny chip right here under the board is
A hundred and twenty eight cores of which only three of them
I believe are conventional CPUs the rest of them are other types of
processors so four of these guys fit on this board right here, and they're using a type of architecture that is referred to as
Biomimetics or bio mimicking so it actually uses the same influencing and learning engines as the human brain
So the advantage here is very very high speeds for the type of thinking that a brain would do so
self-driving cars anybody and
Extreme power efficiency so they figure this is about a hundred times more efficient than a traditional
chip for optimized workloads
Speaking of optimizing your workload Synergy 2 makes it easier than ever to set up keyboard and mouse sharing between multiple computers
across even complicated networking setups
And the best part is you guys can save fifty percent at the link below
That is seamless.com/synergy/linusces3 so thanks for watching guys
You just dislike this video
Then you clearly like
Don't get excited about tech because this is cool
Shit if you guys liked it though hit like get subscribed, so you don't miss any of our CES 2018 content
And you'll see you at the next booth


Intel's QUANTUM CPU Prototype

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