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Hi everyone!
There's a new game
From the makers of Neko Atsume, the cat collecting game
And this time it's a frog game
It's got the same art style
And it's really cute
I put some pictures on Twitter
And some of you were asking what it was
So I thought I'd make a video to tell you all about it
And how to play
It's all in Japanese
But it's really easy
So you can still play even if you don't know any Japanese
It's available on iTunes & Android for free
I'll put the links in the description
So what happens in the game?
Basically, you pack items into a frog's backpack
He goes off travelling
Then brings you back souvenirs
And photos of where he's been
And that's it
There's little surprises
And it's really cute
So, like Neko Atsume
It's a low maintenance, waiting-type game
That you open up every now and again
To see what's going on
So it's not going to be a massive time drain
And the music's really cute as well!
That was one of my favourite things about Neko Atsume
How the music was really soothing
Especially when you're feeling stressed
It's called Tabikaeru
Tabi means journey or travelling
And kaeru means to come back
And it also means frog
So it's the perfect name
Next I'm going to tell you how to play
Then I've got some tips for you
But first, if you like cute things
Have a look at my designs
I love drawing cute characters
And I put them on t-shirts
And enamel pins
You can see them all on cakeswithfaces.co.uk
Or Cakes with Faces on Etsy
So how to play
In this game
Your currency is clover
Like the fish in Neko Atsume
They grow in the garden
Or sometimes you're given them
You harvest by tapping
Or dragging your finger over them
They make a really satisfying springy popping sound
With the clover
You can then buy items for your frog
For his travels
Like food, good luck charms and travelling equipment
The shop icon's in the bottom right
With the picture of the two bags
The hiragana says "o-mise"
Which means shop
It helps if you learn the hiragana for yes and no
Hai and iie
If you don't know hiragana
Iie is the one with all the vertical lines
The other icon in the bottom right
With the house
Takes you inside the frog's house
So you can see all his stuff
And it's really cute
Tap the bottom left to open up the frog's backpack
And you can pack items in 3 categories:
"O-bento" (food)
Good luck charms and equipment
You don't have to fill up all the spaces
Then he's ready to go travelling
You don't have to do anything to make him go
Just pack up his bag
And he'll go when he's ready
To go back to the garden,
Tap the icon in the bottom right
That looks like a letterbox
In the menu in the top right
You can see the souvenirs and pictures you've collected
You can also get to it with the little doorway with the curtains inside the house
To get to the back room
So the game's all about seeing where the frog goes
Saving up for more expensive items
And little surprises along the way
Like sometimes there's a visitor
Quite early on I had a visit from this cute snail!
You can give the visitors food
And sometimes they send you something as a thank you
There's also a lottery
Which is something you might not realise is there at first
So how do you get a lottery ticket
Sometimes, like when you've had a visitor
There's a letter in the mailbox
Tap it, then tap hai to view an advert
You need an internet connection
Sometimes you get a lottery ticket from the frog as well
You need 5 tickets to play
Go to the shop and tap the icon in the top right
At the top it tells you how many tickets you've got
If you've got 5, you can tap "mawasu" to play
If you get a white ball
It means you've lost
And if you get a coloured ball, you win a prize!
There's special items like train tickets
And special treats
Finally, a few tips for you
Number one: Before the frog's first trip
You have to close the app then open it back up again
Sometimes it might seem like a long time
Before the frog comes back
Or it might seem like nothing's happened
But it's a waiting game
You just have to wait
Number 2
If the frog's not there
You can leave items on his desk
And he'll take them with him when he next goes on a trip
You get to the desk
The same way you get to the bag
Don't press the button at the bottom of the desk
Because it clears away all the items
When you're done, just press the cross
It is ok to press the button at the bottom of the bag
You can tell the difference:
The bag is blue
And the desk is yellow
It's best to leave items on his desk
Just to make sure he doesn't go away with nothing
Number 3
If the frog does go out without anything
And doesn't come back
You can tempt him back with food
Just put some food on the desk
And he'll come back
Number 4
When you get a photo from the frog
It's not saved automatically
Press the button to add it to your album
And number 5
Where the frog goes
Depends on what you pack
So if you give him more expensive food
Or fancier equipment
He can go on longer, more exotic trips
And bring you back better souvenirs
The type of equipment determines where he goes
So it's all about making different combinations
And trying to collect all the souvenirs
And that's it
The links to download it are in the description
Tell me in the comments how you get on
If you want to see more of my artwork
Follow Cakes with Faces on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
And I've just booked my next trip to Japan
So there'll be new Japan videos coming up soon
There's also a few more Disney World videos for you as well
So I'll see you soon
Bye bye!


How to Play TABIKAERU: Neko Atsume Travelling Frog Game

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