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- Hey this is coach Ryan Goodson
with I Love Basketball TV.
Today we're gonna learn the Stephen Curry
floating step back.
I'm excited to show you the Stephen Curry
floating step back today in our breakdown.
This is one of the toughest moves to guard in the game.
If you ever wondered how Curry at his size
gets open, gets his shot off so quickly
this is one of the ways.
He gets so much more separation than most players
and I just want to show you a breakdown
of a regular step back
and then a Stephen Curry floating step back.
So let's check out a regular step back.
You would drive hard, defense cuts you off,
plant inside foot, launch to two feet.
Yeah, I got space.
You know, maybe if I'm long and athletic
I can get that shot off,
but if I'm Curry's size going again LeBron
and some of those longer athletic players
that's probably not enough space.
So regular step back you could say
gets you three to four feet of separation.
Conversely the Curry step back can get
up to 15 to 18 feet of separation.
That's two to three times the space
that most players get on their step back.
Let's go through the Curry floating step back
one time, game speed.
Then we'll slow it down, break it into parts
and I'll teach you how to do the move.
But I just want to show you how much more separation
you can get by doing the Curry version of a step back.
(ball bouncing)
As you can see I've now gained at least twice
the separation of a regular step back.
Now let's break it down and learn how to do the move.
Let's first learn the move with our feet.
Let's put the ball down.
The footwork, pretty simple.
You plant your inside foot and you're low.
Sidestep, cross step, hop.
Okay now let's see it again.
Learn the terminology with our footwork.
Plant inside foot, sidestep, cross step, hop.
When we land we must land on two feet.
It can't be one, two, okay.
For this move to be legal you have to land on a jump stop
otherwise the referee could call a travel.
Land also with your feet shoulder width apart,
10 toes to the rim, ready to shoot the basketball.
Let's add the ball now to the move.
When do we pick it up?
Very important that you pick up the ball
on the cross step.
When the cross step plants
that's when we pick up the basketball
just like a jump stop.
And for those that think this move be a walk
I would argue it's the same as pushing the ball
out in front of you and jump stopping.
It's the same move.
I haven't picked up my dribble.
As long as I pick up the dribble on the cross step
it's a legal move, alright.
Let's check out the move a few times, game speed.
Hey this is coach Ryan Goodson with I Love Basketball TV.
Today we're gonna work on the LeBron James Euro spin.
Today we're gonna work on the LeBron James Euro spin.
This is a brand new move.
I'm excited to show it to you today,
to break it down for you.
LeBron used this move in Game 3
of the Eastern Conference Finals
against the Boston Celtics.
He was coming off a ball screen,
help defender came, Euro spin,
he got a easy finishing layup.
Let's break it down.
On a traditional spin move
you would pivot on that inside foot,
get up to your shot.
In the Euro spin you're gonna plant and push.
When LeBron made the move, he crossover dribbled,
planted that foot, bounced back into his shot.
So it's a cross dribble, cross step.
When we execute that cross dribble and cross step
it's important, number one, the ball is outside your body.
You gotta protect it.
Defender, your body, the basketball.
Second is, where are your shoulders pointing.
You don't want your shoulders pointing towards the basket.
You want your shoulders pointing
in the direction of your fake.
I want to engage the defender here
so that I can separate into space here.
So it's crucial, cross dribble, cross step,
point your shoulders to the sideline,
protect the basketball, bounce back
and then you need to jump high.
So the last part of the move,
make sure when you land on that Euro step, you're low.
You're ready to jump high.
We don't want to land tall because won't have the balance
and body control needed to finish the layup.
Every good move has a counter.
Let's add a counter to our Euro spin.
If you cross dribble, cross step to engage the defense,
if they don't cut you off simply take a long step
with your outside foot and finish.
It's a easy read if you get a lot of repetitions on the move
you can kinda feel and gauge where the defender's leaning
and then determine whether you need to finish
opposite side for the layup
or bounce back for your Euro spin.
Let's check it out.
If you like what you saw and you want more
I've got a free gift to give you today.
It's my attack handles installation guide
where you're gonna learn a daily routine
to build your handles as well as four moves
that I guarantee you will make you a faster player.
All you gotta do to get it,
just visit the description below,
it's the first link in the description below.
Just click it, follow that link,
enter your email so we know where to send the workout to.
One more quick reminder if you enjoyed the video
please click the like button.
Also comment below with what videos
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