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ok so Eddie, yes, this is called the kegel
exercise wow what happens in the kegel exercise
you i just started sweating
just fill in the blank ok and you can
take a pass close friends describe me
as early strangers tend to describe me
as a child like only I know that I am
ah pass too revealing hey my last meal would
be what I would eat it with whom
ok so great uh my last meal would be called
frito de mozzarella which is this
amazing thing from a restaurant in
France um that is deep-fried mozzarella
we call that cheese sticks in the States cheese sticks, cheese sticks and
really wasn't my my wife and baby
the song that always makes me dance is
um (inaudible)
well i thought it's always humiliating
which one specifically wouldn't make me
why is it whenever i get asked a question about music
all i can hear in my head is like the
worst possible response to
that answer let me say um well
actually I find it quite comical
but Dance to the End of Love by Leonard Cohen
it's a kind of gentle dance but
it's not one of those dances more of that
exact yeah the movie I've seen the most
um Chariots of Fire
I think I'm really good at at making
spaghetti bolognes
I feel sexiest when I am
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I bet I know your answer to that because you know why because

people who are great dressers which you
are feel sexy like Ryan Reynolds who's
yeah literally the sexiest man alive in the world yeah
in a suit he says when he's in a three piece suit
yeah i've got to say in like a
i wouldn't go three piece that's a good
yeah interestingly not a tux
yeah maybe in maybe in just a suit
i wouldn't be caught dead in a in a um
a i'm going to come to this in a sparkly
tuxedo i started every day by doing
having a doing a bath do you do a bath
love baths i'm obsessed with baths do you know who else loves baths
Tom Ford, Tom Ford does and I've
never i-i've never bonded with Tom over
this but i read a really beautiful
interview with him the other day explaining
his reasoning and it's for exactly the
same reason that i love them i find it
like if you've done something today we
don't have to compartmentalize it to
going to the next part of the day to
start a fresh for me it's about
submerging my head in water and I know
that's not be kind of quick bath but you can
be in and out of the bath
and it just starts you all over again
it's also about meditation yeah it's a moment to meditate
you know what my problem is that I
make both so hot
my wife is endlessly pissed off about it
cause i make them so hot and that I just
kind of relaxing bath but i'm out in about
three seconds because i start sweating
so she's like what's the point you like
but then you have to wait to cool off and then you're late
and ideally you should probably have a
shower after the bath cause you started
sweating again...very
the thing about myself I've learned to
love is that I'm a warrior the teacher
I'm most grateful for is Simon Dormandy
and Hails Osbourne who are two
drama teachers I had while I was at school
I love the smell of so many that's really um
I love the smell of freshly cut grass but
subsequently or then followed by a
deep sneeze because I get really bad
hay fever I could talk about blank for
hours on end I can talk about
theater my recurring nightmare is waking up late happened
this morning i can sum up my life in this
bumper sticker
it's not so much as some up life but
it's a bit of a mantra for me is take
life step-by-step pace by pace slowly
slowly and leave the competition to
others that would have to be like on a
truck that's why I don't have any bumper stickers
it wasn't written by me
check out right I don't
hey everybody don't forget to like this
video and leave a comment if you enjoyed
it or if you didn't enjoy it and for
more of the Jess Cagle and if you click
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Eddie Redmayne Reveals When He Feels Sexiest | PEN | People

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