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In this video, we're going to try something a little different.
Now I watch a bunch of YouTube. I'm on it.
And I love it. I watch tons of different people.
So we thought it might be fun just for a goof for me to try and guess
what some famous YouTubers look like. So the great Ben Churchill
is going to rattle off some names here and I'll just
go from there so we'll see how we do.
BEN: Okay.

TOMMY: Oh! He talks!
BEN: First one... PewDiePie.
TOMMY: Oh, Felix. Okay. Well, let's see.
Felix is from Sweden so just knowing what I
know about Sweden I'll assume he's got blonde hair and
blue eyes. Okay. A light complexion.
You know, from the way he talks, I don't know,
I would assume he's probably in his twenties. I'd say
mid to late twenties I'll put him. I don't know why but he seems
like a smaller guy to me. I don't think he's
a Shaquille O'Neal big or anything. So I'll put him at about
maybe 5' 7" or 5' 8". I'll say he's
skinny. He's best feature...
I'm going to say his smile. You know, he's a guy who makes you
laugh and he's a funny guy. So I'm going to say his smile.
He's probably got a nice smile.
BEN: And if you were give him a rating

from 1 to 10. 10 being best looking.
TOMMY: Boy, if I was going to

rate PewDiePie from 1 to 10, I'd probably put him at about a 7.
He's a little above average I would say.
[laughs] Of course his wallet probably makes him
look better too. [laughs]
BEN: Okay, next one... Grace Helbig.
TOMMY: Now, she --- I like her. She makes me smile.
And I got to think that Grace is just because the way she is
and what she does, I feel like she's cute.
I do. But I feel like she's little. I'd put her maybe about
5' 2" or 5' 3". I would say
Grace has to be... I'll put her 32.
I'll give her long hair. I'll say brown hair
and brown eyes. I don't think she has any facial hair.
[laughs] I think she's sort of a flashy
dresser. I think she's a cool dresser.
You know, stylish. I think she has jewelry but not a lot. You know what I mean?
She's never clangy in her videos, right? You don't hear all the
rattling of jewelry and stuff. Her best feature...
It's just a guess, but I'm going to say her eyes.
BEN: And if you gave her a rating from 1 to 10. 10 being the best.
TOMMY: I'll put her at a solid 8. Just because of how
she is and what she talks about and stuff and that
she's cute and funny. So, yeah, I'll put her at an even 8.
BEN: Michael Stevens from Vsauce.
TOMMY: Well, look, he's a very smart guy. I love him.
I've gotten to work with him a couple times and he's been very
good to us. I'm going to say Michael's about 37 years old.
I think he's a taller gentleman. As I
remember, I think he's about 5' 11" maybe 6'. Around my height.
I'll also say for any facial hair
probably a little mustache. I don't think he has a beard.
Is he a good dresser? Yeah, I think so. I think he's well put together.
A short hair cut. I'm going to say
dark hair and dark eyes for him as well. I don't think he's
terribly thin and I don't think he's overweight at all. So I put him
at sort of a medium build. I don't think he's athletic.
You know. He's a man
of science. He doesn't have time to be running around outside.
His best feature. I'll say his smile.
BEN: How about a rating?
TOMMY: Sure, for Michael.

I will give him a 7.
You know, above average. Not awesome. He's not an adonis
or anything but he's nice to look at. He's probably a nice 7.
This is ridiculous!
BEN: Jenna Marbles.

TOMMY: Jenna Marbles. Okay. She's
difficult for me to guess because she's very funny
and she's a lot of self deprecating stuff. And so it's tough for me to
figure out where she's at but here it goes. I'll give it a shot.
I think I know her age. I thought she said she was 31.
Yeah, she's not more than her early 30's. 31 - 32.
I'm going to say she's taller. I'm going to say Jenna is about 5' 8".
Long hair like half way down her back.
Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Sort of a medium build.
I don't think she's athletic. I think she's
put together well. I think she's a good dresser. Probably
an accessorizer. She's got some jewelry. Again, a necklace,
maybe a bracelet or two. Probably a nice handbag as well.
But I would say more shoes than handbag.
Her best feature? I'm going to say her legs.
I don't know. I just feel like she might have
nice legs. If I was going to give Jenna Marbles a rating.
I think I'd put her... I give you a 6.
I think with her, funny is where it's at. She loves to play and she loves
to be funny. And let's be honest. Like, you never hear about what a great
looking guy somebody like Jim Carrey is or Chris Rock or anybody like that.
Right? But they're funny.
BEN: From h3h3Productions, Ethan and Hila.
TOMMY: Wow. Alright, both of them.
I'll do Ethan first. I'm sorry but
Ethan to me --- I love him. Let me just start by
saying that I love you sir. I really do. You make me smile and laugh every time
I watch you. That being said... I feel like you're sort of plain.
You know what I mean? So let's go through...
I'm going to say you're tall. You're about 6 feet tall.
Regular length dark hair. You know, nothing special.
Sort of a normal, sort of a shorter hair cut. I'll put you at
35 years old. I think you're a medium
to --- yeah, I'm going to call you a medium build.
I don't think you're athletic. You don't sound like athletic to me.
Sorry. His best feature.
I'm going to say he's strong. I just feel like
he'd be good if you were moving you'd want him help you out.
Honestly, if you ask me, I think
Ethan's out of his league. I think Hila's awesome.
I'm going to say Hila's a lot cuter than you. But I think
Hila is... but you sound tall to me.
I'll put you at about 5' 9". I think you're tall and thin.
Long dark hair and dark eyes too.
I think you're a pretty good dresser. I do. I think
you wear nice clothing. Hila's age?
32. A couple years younger than your fella.
Her best feature's got to be her smile. It's very clear
in the videos, I can hear when she's laughing and smiling. You know, it's
captivating. You see her smile and you're like, "Yeah, that nice. Look at her go."
BEN: So how would rate both of them?
TOMMY: Alright, Ethan's first. I'm sorry man, I think you're right at
mid table. Like a 5. And Hila?
I think you're a good 7.5.
I think you
I think this video's going to be called how to lose friends you don't have yet.
BEN: iJustine.
TOMMY: iJustine I like.

I watch her a lot. I'll say
34 years old. Hmm, I'm going to put here at about
5' 7". I think she has
long dark hair. I think she has nice eyes.
A cute face. I feel like she
does accessorize. I feel like she has nice things.
I know she has a nice luggage
and a nice computer bag and stuff. She's a nice dresser.
She's a real nice dresser. Always well put together.
Like skirts and dresses and stuff
and blouses and things like that. I don't think she
wears blue jeans too often. I don't know. I just feel like she's a girly girl.
I would say her best feature is her figure.
I just feel like that. I just feel like she was
just born with those looks. It's so funny. There's
no rhyme or reason to any of this but that's what I think. If I was to give
her a rating I think I would give her a high 8, close to a 9.
I think she's a cute. I don't know if she'd ever talk to me, but...
I think she's cute.
BEN: Philip DeFranco.
TOMMY: Philip DeFranco I watch

every day. I love the news show. It's fantastic.
I'll put him at 34 years old. Maybe
6' 1" or 6' 2". Bigger guy. Right?
A little muscle too. I'm going to give him dark
hair and blue eyes. I think he has a beard.
I do. I just feel like that sound he might
have a bit of beard. A little bit of facial hair. Best feature...
I'm going to go with smile and I say that because he seems to be smiling and
laughing a lot while he's doing the news show
every day. I feel smiles and laughs all over the place.
And if I had to give him a rating... I would say he's an 8.
I don't know. I feel like he's one of those people that maybe
women just see and go, "Yeah, you're alright sir."
Well, there it is. Boy, I'll tell you that's a lot harder than I thought
was going to be, but I think it was fun.
So here's the question I have for you. How'd I do?
Did I get anybody right? Did I get a few right? You got to let
know in the comments okay? Thank you.
[music continues]
As always, thank you for watching and if you're new... welcome!
I hope you subscribe to the channel and also you can follow
me on other social media as well... like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
So I'll see you there.
Wait, I won't.


Blind Man Guesses What YouTubers Look Like

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