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♪ (industrial music) ♪
♪ (piano ballad) ♪
- (giggling)
No way! Are you serious?
- (laughing)
- (gasping) Oh my gosh!

- ♪ Living in... ♪
- You have no idea how obsessed as a kid
I was with High School Musical.

- ♪ Didn't understand ♪
- (singing along)
♪ That anything can happen ♪

♪ (piano ballad) ♪
- (giggling)

- ♪ When you take a chance ♪
- ♪ I never believed... ♪
- I love how shy they are.
But, like, they know they can sing.
- ♪ ...see ♪
♪ I never... ♪
- So emotional right now.

This is, like, memories.
- ♪ To all the possibilities ♪
- ♪ This could be the start ♪
- (singing along)
- ♪ Of something new ♪

- (singing along)
- ♪ It feels so right ♪

♪ To be here with you ♪
- (laughing)

- This is really bad.
I'm kind of embarrassed
that I remember this.

- ♪ I'm feeling my... ♪
- Man, this got so big.

This got so much bigger
than all of us thought it would.

- ♪ Something new ♪
- I think it's been ten years,
but it didn't feel like that.

- ♪ I gotta get'cha,
get'cha head in the game ♪

- ♪ We gotta get it, get it, get it, get it ♪
♪ Get the head in the game ♪
- My best friend in high school,
his uncle is Kenny Ortega,

and I actually went
to the premier of this.

- (singing along)
♪ Get your head in the game ♪

♪ We gotta get'cha, get'cha,
get'cha, get'cha head in the game ♪

- ♪ We're breaking free ♪
- ♪ We're soaring ♪

- ♪ Flyin' ♪
- (singing along)
♪ There's not a star in heaven ♪

♪ That we can't reach ♪
- ♪ If we're tryin' ♪
- Aw, guys. This is childhood.
- ♪ (vocalizing) ♪
- My boy, Zac Efron.
He's killing the game
right now, lately, you know?

- ♪ Yeah free ♪
♪ Now's the time ♪
- Initially, this is what got me
out of my shell to go into theatre.

Because in middle school,
I would have never done it.

I was too shy.
- ♪ Together everyone ♪
♪ Together, together ♪
♪ Come on, let's have some fun ♪
♪ We're all in this together ♪
- I can do that.

♪ Once we know that we are ♪
- This is, like, a place in my heart.
I kind of want to cry right now.
- I used to watch the singalongs
where you would learn

the dances with them.
- ♪ And it shows when we stand ♪
- Oh my god. They all look so young.
- This is what dreams are, right here.
- ♪ When we reach,
we can fly ♪

♪ Go in sight ♪
♪ We can make it ♪
♪ Wildcats everywhere ♪
- (singing along)
♪ Wave your hands up in the air ♪

- ♪ That's the way we do it ♪
♪ Let's get to it ♪
♪ Come on, everyone ♪
- Man.
- Good stuff.

You guys made my day! Yes!
- This was worth waking up for.

- I'm gonna cry. Stop.
That's, like, my favorite movie.
- I'm a big guy. I'm seven foot.
But I would sing
High School Musical all day

for the rest of my life.
♪ (industrial music) ♪
- (FBE) So, this was
Disney's High School Musical.

Would you say you were a fan of this movie
when you were younger?

- I'm not a fan of the movie particularly,
but I do like some of the songs.
- A fan?
I was like a super-fan!
- Who wasn't?
Honestly, I think even guys liked it.
- Absolutely. I watched it to learn
all the dance moves and everything.

That is my movie.
- Completely, utterly, 100%--
if it was here still now,

I would still be a fan.
- Hell yeah.
I probably said I wasn't,
but I watched it.

- (FBE) So for those who don't know,
can you tell us what the plot
of High School Musical is?

- Yes.
It was about Troy and Gabriella.
- It's a girl-- she's like
this scientist/mathematic girl.

- They both secretly love choir
and singing and dancing and theatre,

but they don't want to admit it.
- A young stud on the basketball team,
about to make the NBA.

Turns out he's also musically talented,
but he's torn, you know?

Do I wanna be D1 bound, you know?
Do I wanna be the next Kobe
or do I wanna be the next Beiber?

- Looking back at it now,
it's probably one of the cheesiest things

I've ever seen, but I still love it
'cause I'm all about the super cheesy stuff.

- (FBE) So we're covering this
because High School Musical debuted

on The Disney Channel back in 2006,
making this 10 years old.

- (gasping) Oh my gosh.
- I was in sixth grade.

- Oh my gosh!
It's been a decade!

- (FBE) So how does that make you feel?
- Holy shit, man. What the he--
10 years old!
Damn, life does go by fast, man.
- It makes me feel like
"David after Dentist."

It's just like, "Is this real life?"
- I feel like a dinosaur now.
Like, dang, it's been 10 years?
To this day, people still talk
about High School Musical,

so it's like, "Oh."
I mean, that's one of those good movies
'cause people still talk
about it 10 years later.

- (FBE) Some of the actors
in this movie are Zac Efron...

- Love him.
- (FBE) ... Vanessa Hudgens,
Ashley Tisdale, and Corbin Bleu.

- Irrelevant!
- (FBE) All of them helped
make this movie a huge success,

so they made a sequel in 2007,
doubling the viewers to 18 million.

And in 2008, High School Musical 3
was released in theatres,

grossing over $270 million worldwide.
- Shit!

- Yeah, it was huge.
- I couldn't get into
High School Musical like that.

That was just not my thing.
I was a Cheetah Girls fan.
- 18 million people
watching High School Musical.

That's a legendary movie.
Don't tell me otherwise.

- (FBE) What was it
about High School Musical

that made it that massive?
- It was relatable.

- With each movie, it became
more and more relatable, I guess,

'cause it showed things like,
oh yeah, you know,

sometimes friendships drift
because of work and stuff.

- People love musicals, right?
Like, I love musicals.
Everyone loves singing and dancing.

- The message that it gives,
it's just like, "Hey, be yourself."

You know? Just be yourself and it's okay.
- It's a feel-good movie.
High School Musical is, like,
what you want in life.

So you have to go see it.
- (FBE) So we're now
actually gonna show you

a medley of songs
from High School Musical 2 and 3.

- Okay! Yeah!
- I'm not ready. I'm ready.
I'm not ready. I am, but I'm not.
But I am... but I'm not.
But I am.
- YES! Bring it.
- ♪ What time is it ♪
♪ Summertime ♪
♪ It's our vacation ♪
- (singing along)

This was the beginning of the second one.
- They had some of
the best dance moves though.

Look at this.
- ♪ Anticipation ♪
- I would be the one guy
in the hallway, like,

"Can you guys move?
I'm trying to get out of here
for summer break already."

- ♪ When I hear my favorite song ♪
- Oh, and that's when they first kissed.
That was a big deal.
They did not kiss in the first movie.
- ♪ ...belong ♪
- (laughing) Oh my god.
That compu-- like, CGI-- what was that?
That was horrible!
- It's like the cutest romance.
- ♪ You are the music in me ♪
- It's so cheesy, it hurts.

- ♪ All I wanna do ♪
- (woman) That's Troy Bolton.
- Oh!

Oh, okay. I remember this one now.
(singing along) ♪ With you ♪
♪ There's nothing we can't do ♪
- ♪ Just wanna be with you ♪
- ♪ High school musical ♪
- Oh.

This is the one that made everyone cry.
- ♪ It's the best part we've ever known ♪
- My graduation was not like that.
- A real high school graduation
is a lot of sitting in the heat.

- ♪ All together ♪
- It just made all the guys want
to find a Vanessa Hudgens, this movie.

- ♪ I want the rest of my life ♪
♪ To feel just like a... ♪
- Imagine that in the theatres.
Like, it... mm!

- ♪...musical ♪
- (sniffling)

- I remember seeing that in the theatres
and I was like, "No! It's over."
- It's the freeze frame.
The freeze frame.

- That's emotional. I have--
I literally do have chills.

- Is there another one?
- (laughing)
- No!

- Dang it, we're so into this!
- (FBE) So, do you think the way
that television has evolved

over the past 10 years,
that there will ever be anything

that's quite as big as High School Musical
when it comes to made-for-TV movies?
- I think it's always a possibility.
- I don't think so.
It won't affect us the same way
because we already had High School Musical.

- It has to be more on the big screen now
because... I think that's what happened
with High School Musical 3.

They were like this franchise
is too big to be on TV.

- I don't think so. I don't think anymore.
There's so many online releases now.
- I can see a show
getting popular on Netflix

or something online, but as for TV,
I don't know if I see that too much.

- (FBE) So, finally, Disney announced
that they are officially making

a High School Musical 4
with a brand new set of Wildcats.

- What?! No, they did not!
It's not the same! It's not the same.
- (FBE) So do you think
this is a good idea or a bad idea?

- I think it's okay.
I think if Disney trusts a storyline
enough to bring it to the screen,

they should be able to do that.
I don't wanna shoot it down
'cause I feel like that's
what most people do.

- Bad idea. It's like Mean Girls 2.
You should've let it rest.
- They want to make more money,
so, I mean, yeah.

Typical conglomerates.
- It's kind of bad!
I hate to say that-- but you never know.
I'm probably still gonna watch it
though, to be honest.

- It's gonna flop so hard, bro.
I hope their accounts
are ready for that shit.

Yeah, that's some bullshit.
- Thanks for watching
this episode of College Kids React.

- Click that subscribe button.
We're all in this together.

- Let us know in the comments
what we should react to next.

- Goodbye! Go Wildcats!
- Hey, everyone, I'm Dallen,
associate producer here at FBE.

Thank you so much for watching
our episode of College Kids React

to High School Musical.
We really appreciate you stopping by
and watching all of our stuff.

And guess what?
We've got some more stuff down below,
so why don't you go click on it--

click, click, click!
♪ (industrial music) ♪


College Kids React to High School Musical (10th Anniversary)

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