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Big Cas, you attacked Enzo.
>> You're damn right I did it.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> And I have to admit,
it felt damn good when I attacked you from behind.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> He defeated
one of the top champions in NXT history >> Bobby Roode,
what the- >> It's Fish and O'Reilly.
>> They made their presence known during the NXT Champion Title Match.
>> [INAUDIBLE] >> My god, it's Adam Cole.
>> It's Adam Cole.
>> What the hell?
>> Adam Cole, baby, in the house.
>> Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish, no strangers to one another.
>> What is going on?
Super kick by Adam Cole.
[SOUND] >> I am going to burn the spirit
of Sister Abigail to death and watch you die with her.
>> No, no.
>> Are you going to take advantage of this situation right here?
That's the question.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Wait a minute.
She's back.
>> My god.
>> Paige is back >> Taking advantage of the situation.
My god.
>> I'm back.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Did you miss me?
>> What?
>> My god.
What the?
>> What are you?
>> What are you, >> [APPLAUSE]
>> Campbell, what are you doing?
>> No, come on.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> What is happening here?
>> Campbell is beating the hell out of Norgano.
>> I can't believe this.
>> What are you doing? >> Campbell, what are you doing?
>> One, two, three.
>> I'm not finished with you.
>> Right as they were wheeling
you into the OR.
I only have one question.
You said, what is it?
And I said, do you know, one day I'm going to marry you?
>> Will you marry me?
>> [APPLAUSE] >> I need-
>> I need you to give me your word
that if provoked, I can beat a McMahon senseless.
>> You got my word.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> My God.
>> No.
no, no, don't you dare, Kelin, no, Kelin, no.
For the love of God, somebody get out here.
>> The rumors of the Shield reuniting are exactly what you are.
>> Nothing, but hype.
>> Who said anything about rumors?
The Lunatic Friends, Dean Ambrose.
>> [LAUGH]
>> [APPLAUSE] >> And the Architect Seth Rollins.
>> This is surreal, this can't be happening.
>> And the rumors appear to be true.
The Shield is back.
[SOUND] >> I wonder
>> Who this fourth team could possibly be.
>> You've got to be kidding me?
>> Things are about to be broken.
Team Extreme is back.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> I've got to check,
the Pony Boyz are here.
>> I am completely in shock right now.


Most shocking moments of 2017: WWE Top 10, Dec. 23, 2017

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