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Nuclear power plants are one of the biggest
producers of energy in the world, currently

providing about 11% of the world's total
electricity production.

Nuclear reactors work by using the energy
released from the splitting of atoms to produce

steam, which in turn powers a turbine that
generates electricity.

Nuclear power is statistically very safe,
but what might happen to you if there's

an accident?
It's impossible for a nuclear reactor to
blow up like a bomb, but what if you were

exposed to the highly radioactive spent fuel

Radiation is dangerous because it causes damage
directly to the cells that make up your body,

breaking chemical bonds and mutating your

A very quick and low dose may leave you feeling
just a little ill, like you have the flu,

and your chances of recovery are quite high.
A slightly higher or more prolonged exposure
will start killing off blood cells and damage

bone marrow, and you'd most likely need
a blood transfusion to survive.

The radiation at this level will also start
burning your skin.

A very unhealthy way to get a tan.
At an even higher dosage, your internal organs
will be permanently damaged, your brain and

circulatory system will start to shut down,
and while the exact level of exposure may

mean that you'll live anywhere from a couple
weeks to just a few hours, death is almost

But just because you were able to survive
the short-term effects doesn't mean you're

Exposure to radiation carries with it a hugely
increased risk of cancer and other health

problems later in life.
And while there aren't any reports outside
of comic books and movies of someone gaining

superpowers from nuclear radiation, we'll
let you know if we hear anything.

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What If You Were Inside a Nuclear Reactor During A Meltdown?

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