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My name's Douglas Kim, owner and chef at Jeju Noodle Bar.
I've been working in the restaurant industry for 19 years.
Today, I have a privilege to taste instant ramens.
Wow, smells very familiar, but it's not in a good way.
The color looks very...
I don't remember when the last time I actually had this.
Very, very watery.
Flavor wise, very, very commercial.
Very instant flavor.
To be honest with you, I don't even know if this is tastes like a chicken or not.
1 star.
I respect the people who created this ramen. That's why I gave them one star.
Uh huh, already looks a little more complicated.
I see the black garlic oil.
Smells a little more refined.
Not bad.
Noodle is a little more skinnier, slightly softer, but in a good way.
Still full of MSG flavor.
Very umami.
But actually, I was pretty surprised.
Tastes not bad.
I clearly enjoyed this one.
2.5 star.
This one is very familiar.
Actually, it smells not that good though.
Damn, spicy.
Oh my god.
It's really spicy.
It's too spicy that I don't taste anything else.
Noodle wise, this is the so far best.
It has more chew to it.
Taste is a little too spicy for me.
I have a limit to take in a certain spice level.
This one, I give it 2.5, too.
It has a more body in the broth.
Noodle itself is a lot thicker.
Noodles are very nice.
I taste a little less MSG.
Broth is more richer.
It's sticking into the noodles.
Looks like a proper ramen.
It's pretty good quality around it.
It's pretty close to, yeah, just regular ramen.
If you give it to someone else, you can probably fake it.
3 star.
Smells nice, smells very instant.
Good smell of MSG.
Not bad.
Pretty sweet.
Actually, I like this.
When I went to military school, almost 20 years ago, I remember Indonesian students would always buy that.
We swapped noodles.
Very flavorful.
It's not really pleasant looking, but taste is good.
Noodle texture is good, too.
Flavor is very nice.
3 I would say.
I really liked it.
Instant noodle in general is very convenient for many people.
Myself too, you know.
But when you at least go to a real ramen restaurant, everything comes from scratch.
And definitely when you actually eat a fresh ramen, it's kind of hard to go back to instant ramen.
That's why we recommend you to go to real ramen restaurant and try real ramen.
Smell is not that spicy, but, actually, I take it back.
I gotta itchy hair right now.
Oh my god.



ラーメン屋がインスタントヌードルをレビュー (Ramen Chef Reviews Instant Ramen)

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