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Hey guys it's Misskaykrizz and welcome back to my channel.
if you are new here I am Misskaykrizz
I do all videos about flight attendant interview tips, beauty and travel vlogs
Today's video is very important. It is one of the most asked questions or tips from you guys.
you want me to answer the question
"Tell me about yourself?"
maybe not just being a flight attendant, also other job interviews
this is one of the most common questions that you have to prepare for
if you want to know how to answer this question, just keep on watching
this question is very very common
I show you now the most common mistakes when people answered this question
"Hi my name is Kaykrizz. I am from a broken family.
My father left us when we were young and my mother died.
Basically I'm an orphan and I don't know, I really need this job right now."
"Hi my name is Kaykrizz. I am a valedictorian when I was in sixth grade.
I graduated high school again as a valedictorian and also is the president of the of the student council.
I am one of the number one volunteers in PETA
I also am one of the best dancers in our dance club.
In college, I have always been a Dean's Lister and graduated as Summa Cum Laude in our University."
"Hi, my name is Kaykrizz and about myself?
What can I tell you, actually I love doing selfies.
I believe that one day I will become a internet sensation.
Maybe one day I would also own my own boat.
Oh my god, I love sailing!
During my free time, did I say I do social media
Yeah, i'm obsessed about my Instagram theme, it's one of the things that occupies most of my time :D"
"Hi my name is Kaykrizz. I am 29 years old.
I have graduated the course of Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
I also am a registered nurse. I passed the board exam in 2012.
and what else I could say, that I am an active part of our church,
I do the readings every single Sunday, first reading, second reading i do it all, except for the homeless.
Have exaggerated some of the answers, examples that I have shown you.
it is funny, I'm sorry but yeah
Being asked this question can somehow be a treat for us because let's face it we are always
happy to tell people about ourselves but in a job interview situation
you don't want to tell the recruiter about who you are in high school, who you are in college
who you are in your church, what is your family problem or perhaps maybe you need a psychologist or counselor
just keep those things out of the conversation and be professional just keep in mind that the recruiters
are looking for someone that they want to place in a company,
which the company has different set of values preferences
or a specific person they are looking for, so position yourself.
When you introduce yourself, position yourself as someone that could match what they are looking for.
Best way is to focus on 3 concrete skills, examples or achievements you want to attach to yourself.
Focus on that. First of all, of course you will have to give an introduction.
Give your name, your age, where you're from and then focus on these three things that
way you don't bombard the recruiter with too much information #TMI.
you don't bombard them with TMI, but then you leave a lasting impression of who you are
It's important that you practice the answer to this question
not just because that you don't want to be real or don't want to be untrue
of course what you're saying is true it's nice that you have it ready, a ready question
because anywhere any interview this question will be surely ask of you
and it gives pleasure to the recruiter to see that this person has prepared for the answer
versus to someone who's saying
"Ummm about myself um wait wait.. I have a pet.. um um um um..."
People who does this, they come across as unprepared meaning not interested in the job.
It is really nice to have a prepared answer to this question.
The only key is to make it as balanced as possible, make it as spontaneous as you can
when you try to say the answer and don't be like robotic, too rehearsed when saying the answer to this question
Let's go on how I will answer this question
Let's put a timer on the clock coz it is best that you answer this question in 60 seconds or less
to have the best possible impact. Let's do it!
"Hi! My name is Kaykrizz, 29 years old from Cebu City.
I could say that I have a passion for customer service
because in my two years experience in working for a call center as a customer service representative
they have really honed my skills and I learned to love our specialty
which is trading a customer's frown into a smile.
I could say that I am equipped with the skills on how to handle different complaints from people.
I could also say that I am one of those people who are really loving to work with people.
That means I'm a people person so I love working
with different people and seeing different scenarios/events every day.
also in college i'm part of different organizations
like the swimming team and the student government.
I love working with different people into achieving one common goal.
Lastly, I would like to say that I am an achiever.
I believe that anything worthwhile doing is worth doing well. Thank you!"
That's it guys that's how I would answer the timeless question
"Tell me about yourself?"
Let me know down below how you would also answer this question.
I know each and every one of us have different styles and different techniques
on how to do it, if you want to help, put in your sample answer below
also if you have any other types of questions
that you want me to answer on this channel please leave a comment below,
I really appreciate it and I would really perhaps feature it in my next video
That's it guys.
Thank you for watching this video till the very end.
Please don't forget to give this video a
like and subscribe to this channel if you haven't yet been subscribed
I will see you next week for another video like this or something else
I hope that you stay tuned and I will fly with you soon



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