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  • The corporate tax rate is cut,

  • would you expect Apple to use those residuals

  • to add more jobs? Yeah, I do

  • I believe that tax reform is sorely needed in this

  • in this country. We don't focus on the individual side.

  • But for corporations, we think we have a pretty deep perspective on this.

  • The biggest issue with corporations in this country is,

  • that if you earn money outside the United States

  • which most companies increasingly will.

  • The only way you can,

  • and it's taxed in those countries by the way.

  • The only way that you can bring it into the US and invest,

  • is if you pay 40% for us.

  • And this is kind of a crazy thing to do,

  • so what do the people do?

  • They don't bring it to United States

  • Well, this isn't a good thing for US

  • There's no tax receipts there

  • and it's not good for investment in the US.

  • And so this needs to be fixed,

  • in my view, it should have been fixed years ago.

  • But let's get it done now.

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The corporate tax rate is cut,


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アップルのクックCEO: 税制改革は非常に必要とされている|CNBC (Apple CEO Cook: Tax Reform Is Sorely Needed | CNBC)

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