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  • Hello

  • I am really interesting and intelligent man

  • And these

  • are insects

  • Today, these insects and I

  • are going to teach you some idioms in English

  • I bet youve never been taught by an insect before

  • when I was a little boy

  • I loved insects

  • Sold

  • Wasn’t I?

  • In fact

  • I was knee-high to a grasshopper

  • In English when we want to talk about someone who's very young

  • or very small

  • we can say theyre knee-high to a grasshopper

  • which as you can see

  • is not very tall

  • Knee-high to a grasshopper

  • I’ve got to make a speech

  • in front of five-thousand people

  • Could you imagine how I feel

  • nervous

  • I’ve got that strange feeling in my stomach you get when you're feeling nervous

  • High as butterflies

  • That's how it feels

  • Like I’ve got butterflies in my stomach In English

  • if were very nervous about something we have to do

  • We can say I’ve got butterflies in my stomach

  • To have butterflies in your stomach

  • well here I go

  • I hope theyre kind to me

  • uh... hello, I’m

  • going to meet my hero, Mr Bean

  • I’m so excited

  • I’ve got ants in my pants

  • well not really, but in English if you're so excited about something that you can’t keep

  • still, you can say you've got ants in your pants

  • to have ants

  • in your pants

  • Actually, I have got ants in my pants



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昆虫イディオム - BBC Learning English (Insect Idioms - BBC Learning English)

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