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  • Finally, he's finished! My very own T800.

  • But wouldn't it be nice if he were a real boy?

  • Oh, wishing star! I wish upon you for my sweet T800

  • to be a real boy. That would be the most wonderful thing ever.

  • Oh Geppetto, you've given so much happiness to others you deserve

  • to have your wish come true.

  • Big puppet made of steel, wake! The gift of life is yours to feel.

  • I can move, talk, and walk. Am I a real boy?

  • Not yet! Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish and someday you'll be a real boy.

  • This is Jiminy Cricket. He'll be your conscience.

  • Hello, Jiminy.

  • Hello, T800. Let's be real good from now on, ok?

  • OK I will be real good.

  • You can talk?

  • Yes, I have a conscience now and

  • someday I'll be a real boy. I'll be brave, truthful, and unselfish.

  • OH BOY!!

  • Now be a good boy and go to school like the other children.

  • Here take this apple with you.

  • I do not need to process food. I'm a cybernetic organism with only living tissue on my exterior.

  • Ok then... well have a good day, son.

  • What is that I hear? That boy is not a real boy?

  • He will make me rich! Rich, I tell you! HAHAHA

  • Excuse me, my dear boy. How would you like to be the main star

  • of Stromboli's puppet show?

  • I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.

  • What?

  • I see now why you think that I have strings. But strings are something that I cannot do.

  • Because I do not have strings on me! (gunshot) (screaming)

  • How dare you shooting at me!

  • Just you wait! When I sell you, you won't be laughing anymore.

  • I am not programmed to laugh.

  • You can't just go around trying to kill people, ok?

  • Why? You just can't! Trust me on this.

  • Oh no, what have you gotten yourself into?

  • Did you go to school as you were told?

  • Affirmative.

  • I know you're lying, T800, because your nose is growing.

  • They are not lies. They are true lies.

  • Listen, I can shrink your nose and get you out of this cage if only you'll speak the truth.

  • I require no assistance.

  • Daddy, daddy I'm home!

  • Look over here. It's a letter from Geppetto.

  • It says, "Dear son, I got worried when you

  • didn't come home last night. I went out to search for you but somehow got eaten

  • by a giant whale. I'm now living inside the whale. Hugs and kisses, Geppetto.

  • OH NO! What should we do?

  • It's time to go whale hunting.

  • Come with me if you want to live.

  • (explosion) YAhooohoooey!

  • Hasta la vista, whaley.

  • You've been such a good and brave boy by saving your father.

  • You deserve to be a real boy.

  • Hooray, I'm a real boy.

  • Have you seen this toy maker?

Finally, he's finished! My very own T800.


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