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Hey guys, how's it going it's Justine and today
we are talking about face ID on the iPhone 10.
Since I posted my unboxing video and my top 5 features video,
one of the biggest quetions i was getting its about face ID.
Do it work, can you wear sunglasses, can you wear a hat, can you wear a mask
my sister, well,
I can't even tell you what she says what she wanted to do to me
Basically it involved removing my face and putting it on her face, but she got into some graphic details
I'll spare those for you guys.
But to answer your question does face ID work?
Yes, yes, yes, it does, and it works way better than I expected it to work
I'm so used to using the surface studio and sometimes it struggles to find you. It's like looking for you looking for you, I'm like I'm right here
Okay. That was pretty quick so for studio facial recognition success
I never had any facial recognition issues on my note 8 or my s8
But a lot of people were freaking out about face ID because in the keynote there was an issue.
And this issue was misrepresented by many people because they thought that this was face ID not working.
In the demo when he went to unlock his phone, the phone had already been reset
so anytime you restart your phone, you have to enter a passcode
and that's the same for your current iPhone right now.
If you restart your phone, it's gonna make you enter a passcode before you can use touch ID.
And what happened on stage was that exact thing
I haven't run into a single issue in the past few days
I've been pretty impressed with the angles at which you can unlock your phone with face ID I mean this is pretty low
I just have to like look up and face ID and it detects me like that's that's really it.
The first instance that I was like wow this worked really really well was I do my makeup in the bathroom
And I had my phone just sitting on the little vanity right by the sink, and I was kind of far away
I was just like it's probably not gonna unlock, it's probably not gonna see me
It unlock, I just looked over. Its like magic.
Another instance in my car, I usually put my phone right here. I use it for directions
It's basically like my navigation and it hooks up to car play and sometimes your phone will turn off
I didn't want to have to be distracted obviously if you're in the car
you should now be texting or doing anything that will distract you.
Well the face ID it was less intrusive than doing touch ID because
Before I would kind of have to fumble around with it trying to hit the touch ID and not knock it off of my dashboard
And the face ID it recognized me
And I just swiped up like that was that was it there was there's no struggle there was absolutely nothing
I was afraid because it was a little bit further
than a distance than when I had set it up that it wouldn't recognize me, but it did
so here's the demo
This is about how far this kind of an awkward shot because I'm trying to shoot this myself, okay
It's locked now pay very close attention. I just look tap
Swipe up. It saw me. I think you guys get the point face ID is pretty great
It's also extremely intuitive because most the time you're used to putting your finger here anyway
So it's almost like you're putting your finger on touch ID but you're just swiping up, and it just works
It's just that I just unlocked it
It's super fast
Now the first test that I wanted to do is with sunglasses on and they say that this should work
No matter what the pair of sunglasses on but some sunglasses
May have some sort of protective coating that it can't actually see your eyes
So that's a very important part when using face ID to make sure that it can detect you
So let's see if they can detect me with some of these sunglasses on I have a pair of polarized ones
I have some fairly expensive sunglasses, I have some very unexpensive sunglasses, I have some prescription sunglasses. Let's see what happens
So the first thing, let's just look at it, unlock, there we go, magic
First pair of glasses that I want to try are prescription ones so here we go
Let's test this out and see if it will work. I keep getting notifications cuz it's almost time for HQ trivia
You guys haven't played HD trivia, you need to
HQ trivia.com, this is not sponsored at all, but it is so fun
Twice a day there'll I ask you trivia questions
It is so much fun, and you can win real money
But anyway moving on let's test the glasses okay, there we go phone is locked
Oh gosh, HQ trivia notifications, and it just it already automatically unlocked
It's unlocked so these glasses check one pair down. This is a pair of DIF sunglasses. Let's try these okay
Good, it's confirmed this lock
unlocked unlocked with sunglasses
stiff sunglasses
Worked your baby. Let's see how you hold up confirmed lock. It's your trivia troubies about the start. I'm gonna miss it. Hey ready
Do your unlocked?
Is it probably one of my favorite ones?
mm-hmm confirmed lock
Unlocked okay, so I think we get the point that most of the sunglasses that I probably would be wearing will work
Let's try these ones these are polarized, ooh
I can't see anything. I can't even see the monitor that I'm using to shoot with polarized sunglasses freak me out
I'm not sure if I'm a fan. Hope that's in focus because I can't see the screen
Unlocked so I guess polarized sunglasses work as well
Confirmed lock
Unlocked okay hmm all right. Well. I guess that test went well. What about wearing a mask?
There's no way that. It's really gonna work with a mask on because using the precision mapping
It's basically making a 3d map of your face and three most important things is your eyes your nose in your mouth
What if I just kind of like cut out of a piece of paper my eyes my nose in my mouth and see if it?
Can recognize me. I'll try it
I don't everything else to do I mean I do I have like a million eye home videos to edit
Craft on so this is gonna be super silly because I don't have any scissors. I have a knife somewhere
Of course I do so my eyes are about right here
Okay here we go one. Eye
Hey, Justine, what are you this weekend?
So that's this is not working out very well like how am I gonna unlock my phone if I'm a superhero
I'm gonna be wearing a mask
Detect me. It's me
It's me you're looking for
Tell me that you know. It's me
All right making a paper mask a lot of macho
It doesn't matter if you put fresh ink in a printer it's always low on ink this is a very important photo
You don't understand
I need this I need this a test that is also highly recommended is printing out a picture of your face
Can you fool face ID with a picture of your own face? We're gonna find out
What if I put the face over top of my face of course well now there's no paper?
The hardest part of this video was getting a printer to work you're taking it too long I
Only got this printer because it was a beautiful walk
It's working
It took me longer to get this printer to work than to shoot and edit this entire video timeline
The missing piece of the puzzle sorry my office is messy
Let's see if we can do this. Okay, so I'm going to hold my phone up as you can see and then we're going to
Make sure it stays locked
Look at my face look at it. I'll hold it from different angles
I'm gonna try to swipe up
Face ID is not working on a picture of my face. I'm gonna swipe up
It didn't work well you can't print out a picture of your face and expect to hack into someone's phone
It's not gonna work another question is does it work in the dark. Yes it does
That's pretty dark. Okay. Can you see that confirmation of it being locked ready wait for it?
Okay, it's gonna happen very fast
Unlocked another thing that has been interesting is I don't have all of my apps on this phone yet
So I've still been using my 8
Periodically like when I have to order post mates or use my hue lights or ISO noise or things that I haven't actually set up
Yet, because they're basically as soon as I got this phone
I've been shooting and testing so haven't really had time to sort of log in and reset all of my homekit ass so going back
to the 8th
It's so strange because the phone feels massive in your hand and it's crazy because I haven't had a small phone and so long so
You do get used to that, but when you're using the phone
It doesn't feel any different because the screen real estate is actually larger than on the phones. Let's try hat okay
Well if purchase tonight work with a hat on like that's a dumb question and a lot
It'll also lock on five tries, so if you're trying to use a face five times. It doesn't work
It'll lock and make you reenter your passcode so someone who is trying to enter your phone trying to use their face
When the face isn't your from they're trying to use your face or they're trying to use your face to unlock your phone
It doesn't lock after five tries
So they'll have to enter your passcode so if you're trying to sneak up to somebody its sneakily unlock their iPhone
It's not gonna work
There's another thing that I'd recommend making sure that's turned on is attention aware features so you can click here
And it will require attention for face ID so basically what that means is that your phone will recognize when you're looking at it
So if somebody is trying to unlock your phone from the side using your face
They won't be able to you need to be looking directly at it
I'm sure a bunch of future apps will be using that so that you know that you're really using your phone so for example Safari
If you're reading something sometimes the phone will dim because it thinks that you're not using it because of inactivity
But you're actually looking right at it your phone will know that you're looking at it
And it won't then your screen or turn off, but all in all after having it for three days
It is a really amazing device, and I'm so happy with it, and I know I'm the biggest iPhone fan girl ever
But if there was something wrong with this
I have no problem telling you guys, but it really is just it's just awesome, and I'm so happy with it anyway
Thank you guys so much for watching
I have some more fun iPhone 10 videos coming out very very shortly, so I hope you guys are enjoying them
If there's anything that you would like to see me try and test leave those in the comments below
And if you're not subscribed already just hit the subscribe button and I will see you guys into the next video


Does Face ID work on iPhone X?

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