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  • [Wind blowing]


  • [Music]


  • COACH: When you compare Brooke to the average climber that's her age, there almost is no


  • comparison. BROOKE: I'm Brooke Raboutou, I'm eleven years

    比較してみましょう私はブルーク・ラボウトゥ 11歳です

  • old, and I'm a rock climber. BROOKE: I started climbing probably about


  • when I could walk. MOM: She wants to climb the hardest route


  • out there, she wants to win the competitions. COACH: She's able to do climbs that people

    彼女は大会で勝ちたいと思っています。COACH: 彼女は人が登るようなクライミングをすることができます。

  • once thought were impossible. BROOKE: When I'm on a high rock I feel like


  • I'm in control and just happy.


  • [Music]


  • BROOKE [to brother]: I'll go first.


  • [Music]


  • COACH: Brooke is a climbing phenom. She's set all these precedents in rock climbing


  • that 10 years ago the top elite climbers were having trouble doing.


  • ROBYN [MOM]: Brooke is one of two female climbers in the world at the young age of 11 to be


  • setting records.


  • [Music]


  • GARRETT: Brooke was the first 9-year-old to do V10. She was also the first 10-year-old to


  • do V11. She's the first 10-year-old to climb 5-14-A and the first 11-year-old to climb


  • 5-14-B. You're talking like 0.0001% of the climbing community can do these climbs.


  • BROOKE: I love climbing because, well there's a lot of challenges in climbing. I don't know.

    ブルーク: クライミングが好きなんだ。わからないわ。

  • It's so cool just to be moves after moves and different holds. There's so many different


  • ways that you can climb. ROBYN: Look how I'm going to take the hold.


  • I'm going to take it open and then I'm gonna close it. Take it open, then close it. Open


  • and then close it. Okay? GARRETT: She really has the full package. For


  • one, she has these incredibly strong fingers. If she gets a hold, she's gonna hold onto


  • it. Also, she's been able to maintain that only baby flexibility where she's able to


  • twist and turn into these positions that the average climber just is not able to do. Brooke


  • is also unique in the sense that she comes from this long line of champion world cup


  • climbers.


  • [Music]


  • ROBYN: I started climbing at age 18 and I did my first world cup in 1989 and I went

    ROBYN: 僕は18歳からクライミングを始めて、1989年に初のワールドカップに出場しました。

  • on to win four world cup titles in a row. That pretty much set my path for what I wanted


  • to do as an adult which was to coach and teach young kids how to rock climb.


  • ROBYN [to student]: It's all about bringing it in with one arm

    ROBYN [学生に]片腕で持ってくることです。

  • BROOKE: Now she coaches me and my teammates. She encourages me a lot. She gives me really


  • good advice. She's just a big part of my climbing life.


  • ROBYN [to Brooke]: There it is! Good, strong! Yeah, Brooke!

    ROBYN [ブルックに]。あったぞ!いいぞ、強い!そうだ、ブルーク!

  • ROBYN: She's hard on herself, so I don't need to be hard on Brooke. She's her boss and I'm


  • always there just to give her the tools she needs to help her progress to the level that


  • she wants to be at. BROOKE: Sometimes it's hard for my mom to

    彼女が望む場所にBROOKE: 時々、ママが

  • be my coach because I can get really frustrated with her.


  • ROBYN [to Brooke]: C'mon, faster Brooke! Let's go! Good. Go, go, go, go! Oh, you could have

    ロビン【ブルックに】.C'mon, faster Brooke!行こう!いいぞ行け、行け、行け、行け、行け!ああ、あなたは

  • gotten another second off there. GARRETT: Robyn is an intense person, but that's


  • what makes her great and I think that the kids thrive off of that intensity and that


  • desire to succeed. ROBYN [to Brooke]: Really pull hard. C'mon,

    成功したいという願望ROBYN [ブルックに]。本当に一生懸命引っ張って。C'mon.

  • Brooke! Good job! Sweet! That's progress. GARRETT: C'mon, Brooke. Get more in!


  • BROOKE: To be a really good climber, you can't just have it. You have to train really hard,

    ブルーク: 本当に良いクライマーになるには、ただ持っているだけではダメなんです。ハードなトレーニングが必要です。

  • so I take it pretty seriously. GARRETT: One! Time! Nice job!

    なので、かなり真面目にやっています。GARRETT: One!タイム!ナイスジョブ!

  • [Music]


  • ROBYN: We have kids who are athletic and they've been athletic since the day they started to

    ROBYN: 私たちには運動神経の良い子供たちがいて、彼らは運動を始めた日からずっと運動をしています。

  • crawl and you can see that they're very coordinated. As a family, we introduced our kids to climbing


  • at a very young age. We started when they were itty bitty in France and we have a climbing


  • gym in our backyard and as soon as they could walk, we tied them into a rope and we let


  • them try to climb. It's something that's just always been in our lives, just like the refrigerator


  • and the bathtub. We've always had a climbing wall at our home.


  • BROOKE: This is my climbing like mini-gym that my dad built and its in my basement of

    ブルーク: これは父が作ってくれたクライミングのようなミニジムで、家の地下室にあります。

  • my house. My dad was also a really good rock climber. He climbed in world cups, too. He


  • won a lot of big competitions, but he doesn't climb much anymore.


  • DIDIER [DAD]: I did all the competitions until '92, after that, I kind of slowed down my

    DIDIER [DAD]。3992年までは全ての大会に出場していましたが、その後は少しペースを落としていました。

  • climbing to find other passions. Now I like a lot to work with my hands. Building stuff,


  • I love it. BROOKE: My dad built climbing walls in houses,

    気に入ってます。BROOKE: 父は家の中にクライミングウォールを作っていました。

  • too. He built a lot of my house and he also built a strength-training part above my basement.


  • ROBYN: It's just kind of a European way of gaining finger strength and we like it, so

    ROBYN: これは、指の強度を高めるためのヨーロッパの方法のようなもので、私たちはそれが好きなんです。

  • we built it. [Laughing] C'mon. C'mon, finish it! Good!

    俺達が作ったんだ[笑] C'mon.終わらせてくれ!いいぞ!

  • BROOKE: I like to look for challenges. It keeps me motivated and I don't like doing


  • the same thing all of the time. BROOKE: We're in clear creek. And the route


  • I'm gonna climb is Sonic Youth.


  • [Music]


  • ROBYN: Brooke just steps way out there from a challenge standpoint and she picks things

    ROBYN: ブルックは、チャレンジの観点から、そこに足を踏み入れて、物事を選んでいくんだ。

  • that are hard for her and hard for anybody and she goes after it.


  • GARRETT: Because climbing is so hard, it's almost a masochistic sort of sport. If it doesn't

    GARRETT: クライミングはとてもハードなので、ほとんどマゾヒスティックなスポーツのようなものです。もしそれが

  • make you happy, then there's no reason to do it.


  • BROOKE: When I'm on a really high climb and I look out at the view or down, I know that

    ブルーク: 本当に高いところに登っていて、景色を見たり、下を見たりしていると、そのことがよくわかります。

  • the view is always really pretty and fascinating and when I look down, I'm not scared because


  • I'm not scared of heights but it's just so cool to think how small I am compared to the


  • rock and high I am.


  • [Music]


  • ROBYN: C'mon, Brookey! You can do it! GARRETT: It's important to always be strong mentally.

    C'mon, Brookey!君ならできるよ!GARRETT: 常に精神的に強くあることが大切だよ。

  • If you let it slip for one second, especially because of the nature of climbing, it can


  • be a dangerous sport if you let that enter into your mind that you can't do this or this


  • is too hard. BROOKE: Sometimes when I reach a place where

    はハードすぎます。BROOKE: 時々、ある場所に到達すると

  • don't think I can go any farther, it's always possible to do something. I just have to do

    don'39;t think I can go more, it's always possible to do something.しなければならないのは

  • try it. ROBYN [to Brooke]: You just have to commit

    やってみてROBYN [ブルックに]。あなたはただコミットしなければならない

  • to it. You can do it! There it is! Awesome! ROBYN: She doesn't go after things that come


  • easy for her. She wants to climb the hardest route out there, she wants to win the competitions.


  • And with that comes failure. ROBYN [to Brooke]: Wow, good effort!

    そして、それは失敗を伴う。ROBYN [ブルックに]。うわー、よく頑張った!

  • [Brooke cries] ROBYN: It's hard as parents to see that happen

    Brooke cries] 親としてはそれを見るのはつらいです。

  • but it's important for all of us, we've all been there where things don't always fall


  • into place and that's what makes us stronger. BROOKE: If I don't make a route, it's just

    それが僕らを強くするんだBROOKE: もし私がルートを作らなければ、それはただの

  • motivating because I don't want to leave it undone. I'm so close and it's just that feeling


  • that I know I can get it. GARRETT: She has this persistence to keep going.


  • I've been with her outside trying these things well past after it's gone dark and Brooke's

    私は彼女と外に出て、これらのことを試してきました 暗くなった後、ブルックが

  • still there fighting to do this rock climb. ROBYN: That tough grinding personality that

    まだそこにはロッククライミングをするために 戦っている人がいますあのタフな性格は

  • doesn't give up is really what makes her who she is and it was there when she was itty

    doesn't give up is really what makes her who she is and it was there when she was itty.

  • bitty and it's still there.


  • [Music]


  • BROOKE: I'm Brooke Raboutou. Hang around and watch the next video. [Laughs]


[Wind blowing]



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