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I’m a very interesting
and intelligent man
and this
is Rex
today rex will be helping me to teach you some English idioms
I bet you’ve never been taught by a dog before
As you can see
Rex is in the dog house
Of course he is, he is a dog
now it's all very well for Rex to be the dog house, but how would you like to
be there
not very much
In English
if someone is unpopular because they've done something wrong we can say they’re in
the dog house
To be in the dog house
like that time
I got so drunk that I missed all my classes the next day
I was really in the dog house
I can’t really remember too much about last night
I think I had
one or two glasses of wine too many, and beer
and whiskey
today I missed all my classes
i'm really in the dog house with my boss. I feel awful
What’s that you say Rex?
Your hair, the hair of the dog
What a disgusting idea
In English
some people say
if you feel bad after drinking too much the night before
you should have the hair of the dog
it means a little bit of alcohol to make you feel better
The hair of the dog
I don't think this is going to work
Never again
Look at this beast
He’s made a dog’s dinner of that. It means
He’s made a mess of something
To make a dog's dinner or something
I've made a dog's dinner of that, let me just do it again
to make a dog’s dinner of something
to make a dog's dinner of something
I've made a dog's dinner of that
let me just do it again


Dog Idioms - BBC Learning English

1948 タグ追加 保存
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