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Welcome to HowToCookThat, I'm Ann Reardon
and today this week we're making a Belle cake

from Beauty and The Beast.
The first thing you'll need to do is make
up the chocolate cake recipe and bake that

in 2 round tins and 1 heat-proof glass bowl
and we'll use that bit for the top of the

Once they're baked just level those and then
we need to make our frosting.

For that I'm going to use some buttercream
and also some ganache, we'll mix that in just

for the bit that goes on the outside not for
between the layers.

The reason for that is that it's a little
bit softer and I don't want the layers to

slide off each other.
I'm also going to flavour that using some
Rose Water and colour it with a little bit

of pink food colouring.
Now Rose Water, for those of you who are in
Australia, New Zealand and I think the UK,

tastes a bit like musk sticks and Turkish

For those of you in the US (and other countries)
if you don't like that rose-type flavour then

you can always colour yours yellow and make
it lemon flavoured or just leave it plain

vanilla buttercream.
Spread a small amount of frosting onto a round
cake board and add your first cake.

Brush that with simple syrup, now this just
helps keep the cake moist, I've added some

more rose water into this syrup too to intensify
that flavour.

Spread on a layer of your buttercream, making
sure it is level then add your next cake on

Spread that with frosting as well, smoothing
it out, and then add the bowl cake to one

side on the very top.
Now take your Belle doll and wrap her hair
in plastic wrap so that it doesn't get frosting

in it, and then wash and dry the body of the
doll as well.

Using a long knife cut straight down into
the cake, you want to put it slightly over

to one side and make it a skinny rectangle,
don't make it too big because it needs to

firmly hold the doll.
Use a fork to take the cake out of the hole.
And then push ... the doll.. down ... all
the way ... into the cake.

Now what we want to do is shape the cake so
that it doesn't just sit straight down, we

want it to have a little bit of movement to
the dress.

So we are going to make it so she's holding
it up on one side and we can see the layers

of the dress underneath.
Start by carving the curve of the bowl off
and just angle it up towards the waist so

that it is not quite so rounded and it doesn't
look like a bowl.

Then follow that down at the front and down
on the right hand side to make it smooth,

down and out towards the base.
Smooth it in the same way at the back, angling
it down towards the bottom cake.

But don't cut it on the other side because
that is where we are going to make her dress

come up to her hand and then flow back down.
Use your knife to cut out an indent right
down the middle of the dress, it doesn't need

to be very deep just a little bit.
And continue adding more of those, making
sure they are evenly spaced.

There should be 6 indents altogether.
Mash the cake offcuts to make a paste like
you would if you were making cake pops.

Then form some of that into a large ball and
add it to the side of the dress shaping it

up towards her hand.
Now mix the white chocolate ganache into your
frosting mixing it through well.

I like those colours mixing together there.
And then cover the dress in frosting and you
want to refrigerate that for at least 30 minutes.

Roll a rectangle of yellow fondant and wrap
it around the cake smoothing it down and into

the folds of the dress.
Trim off the excess at the bottom and use
a piece of fondant to smooth down the dress.

Squeeze it in at the waist and use a knife
to trim it off and then flatten it down so

that it makes a smooth line in towards her
waist rather than having a bumb there.

Now use your fingers pull and shape the fondant
up towards her hand so that it looks like

she is holding the dress up.
Now the amount that she is pulling the fabric
up by, we need to trim that off the bottom

of the skirt to reveal the underneath.
Use a knife to trim roughly around the base
of the cake then come in closer and trim off

the last little bit.
Take some white fondant and add it underneath
the yellow so that it covers the frosting

and gives you something to join to.
Then add some strips of white across, layering
them up underneath like layers of the dress.

Next make a small indent at the same level
on each crease.

Then take a thin rectangle of yellow and fold
it back and foward like and acordian.

Pinch it at one end and gently stretch it
then add it into one of the indents.

Let it flow down and around.
Pinch it there to make it skinny and add it
into the next indent.

So making sure you're leaving a little bit
of 'slack' so that it loops down between each

Continue that the whole way around the dress
then add a gold sugar pearl into the join

of each one.
For the body part of the dress, cut a piece
of fondant with a point down at the waist

and another one going down at the top.
Wrap it around her body to make the top of
the dress.

And then at the back you just want to cut
it to size using a knife and cut it off at

the top to make it straight.
And then just smooth those joins by gently
pressing on them with your thumb or your finger.

Roll a snake of yellow and then use your little
finger to roll it and make it skinnier in

the centre.
Rub a little bit of water on the top of her
dress and add the snake into place wrapping

it around Belle's shoulders.
Use your knife to make indents around this
piece so it looks like it has folds or ruffles.

And then add a sugar pearl right into the

To cover the cakeboard I'm using deep blue
to go with the Beauty and The Beast colours

and to bring out the yellow of her dress.
You can of course use whatever colour you
like, if you want a different colour go right

And Belle is ready to dance.
If you happen to have the Beast as well you
can add him to the cake too.

And for those of you who are asking, Yes I
am filming this in my new kitchen.

It's still not quite ready though, let me
know if you want me to do a kitchen tour when

it is ready.
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Make it a great week by doing something kind
for someone else and I'll see you Friday.



Beauty and the Beast BELLE CAKE Ann Reardon 2017

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