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You just look your element. In your absolute element in what I've seen.
Yeah, no, it's very selfish job, because I didn't help...
well, I was there at the beginning, and we did create it,
so when I look at them I'm like, yeah, this is... (laugh)
me going, what would I really love to do,
and I, probably more comfortable singing and dancing weirdly than anything.
I didn't think it would be that way when I started.
Beyond just poverty, he was of a certain class that you could not get out of.
And he envisioned a world where everyone can be happy.
The entertainment should have lift you, make you smile, and make you desperate to go back for more.
That't what he wanted to do.
Great songs. Amazing songs. Aren't they?
You could have a hit in your hand, you could be number one.
- Hey, I actually haven't thought of that. - I think so.
- Well those were my dreams when I was younger. Rock star. - You could easily, actually.
My daughter, pulled me aside, she said "Dad, no offense, but this is by far the best movie you've ever done."
Oh, that's really...
She said "you actually sound okay," like she's a little...
When she first heard the demos of the songs, she said
"I love these songs, but Dad, you should lip sync it, because that guy is awesome, and I don't think you're gonna be as good,"
and I said "well I'm gonna give it a go," and she goes "well you can try."
- Aren't kids brilliant? They're absolutely brilliant. -Brilliant.
And she actually looks at me and she said "Dad, you actually sounded good!"
- You've done a great job, Dad. (laugh) - And I said "should I still use the demo singer?"
She goes "No I think you're okay!"
Is it the last we've ever seen a wolverine? Do you think he'll come back?
- Oh, he'll come back, just not with me, but... (laugh) - Good, good.
Except Saturday nights, I'm telling you that, at my house.
Oh yeah?
Yeah. You're welcome any time.
You dress up?
I dress up.
- And when my kids are not doing their homework, I dress up. - Absolutely glad to do that.
- Do you, you become... - And the claws come out.
and say "Oi?"
Yeah, I just have to do that, with the claws, and it works.
I would... I would (unintelligible)
And you're one of the few, that you, you just don't change.
I suppose it comes from your upbringing and from your relationship, you know, that you are so grounded.
Look the same?
No I know, but it's remarkable, especially cause I've met an awful lot of people who...
you know, be lucky enough to meet an awful lot of people who do the kind of job that you do, but they're not like you.
Well, thank you, but I mean, I got my first job at 26, so I think...
Right, that's...yes.
I changed a lot from when I was 17 to 25, I think we all do.
Um... and upbringing, you know.
Yeah... no, definitely.
Yeah, I mean I still feel if I was to get uppity, or a little bit like that,
my dad would sort of, you know, bend me over, and then....
- That's all right. That's all right. - Do you know? Right?
I know what struggle you've been...
And mates, you said every weekend, you spend time with your mates.
Yeah, you've got to have...
There's a little bit of "wow, you made that", and then it's just... right.
- Right? You know. - (laugh)It's just normal.
- Yeah. - It really is.
Be useful. Get us a reservation, and pay the bill.
Well, long may you continue to do what you do, thank you so much!
My pleasure.
- Thank you. - Thank you.


ヒュー・ジャックマン インタビュー (Hugh Jackman Teases 'The Greatest Showman' and What's Next for Wolverine | Lorraine)

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