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  • Today I’m going to talk about the phraseswant toandgoing to’.

  • Wanna and gonna are acceptable, although casual, pronunciations of these phrases.

  • For example, in a job interview,

  • you might not want to use this more casual pronunciation.

  • You might say a phrase like, ‘I want to contributeblah blah blah.’ Want.

  • Where you actually make that T sound.

  • But if youre in more casual conversation, for example with a friend,

  • you might say something like ‘I want to be there by 6.’

  • Wanna, wanna, here it would be appropriate to use that word.

  • In the words wanna and gonna, it is the first syllable that is accented.

  • Wanna, gonna.

  • And the vowel sound in the first syllable is most likely going to be theuh

  • as inbuttersound, though you may at times

  • hear it a little closer to theahas infathersound.

  • I think I myself pronounce it closer to theuhas inbuttersound.

  • Wanna, gonna.

  • In both of these words, the final syllable

  • is a simple schwa sound, short and unaccented.

  • Wanna, gonna.

  • Another note aboutwanna’, wanna is short for the wordswant to’.

  • Not ever for the wordswants to’.

  • So, for example, in the phrase ‘ I want to be there by 6’,

  • I’m replacingwant towithwanna’.

  • But if we change the subject to he, he wants to be there by 6,

  • now the word is wants, with the S, and not want

  • (because of the different conjugation).

  • Therefore, we cannot shorten it intowanna’.

  • He wanna be there by 6.

  • Can’t say that becausewants todoes not shorten into wanna.

  • Onlywant to’.

  • Going to, or gonna, is used with a subject and the conjugated verbto be’.

  • I am going to be there at 6.

  • If were going to shortengoing tointo gonna,

  • were also going to want to shorten ‘I aminto I’m, a contraction.

  • I’m gonna be there by 6.

  • You are going to becomes youre gonna.

  • He or she is going to becomes he’s gonna, she’s gonna.

  • We are going to becomes were gonna.

  • They are going to becomes theyre gonna.

  • Theyre gonna.

  • If youre going to be shortening these words, theyre, the contraction, gonna,

  • the more casual pronunciation, you don’t want to pause between them.

  • Theyre gonna, theyre gonna.

  • The whole point in shortening them is to say it faster.

  • So, if you pause in between, it will make the sentence sound a little strange.

  • Theyre gonna.

  • Were gonna.

  • I’m gonna.

  • It all melts together, almost as if it’s one longer word.

  • Repeat the following sample sentences.

  • I want to see the movie on Friday.

  • They wan to be here.

  • We want to get there early.

  • I’m going to see her tomorrow.

  • Are you going to be there? Theyre going to pay for it.

  • Were going to stop by later.

Today I’m going to talk about the phraseswant toandgoing to’.


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ゴナ」と「ワナ」の発音の仕方。 アメリカ英語 (How to Pronounce 'Gonna' and 'Wanna': American English)

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