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  • O God! Today You've shown me how mighty You are,

  • and You've shown these demons Your wondrous deeds.

  • They see that Your life force can exceed any force!

  • The Church of Almighty God must be abolished!

  • But the state grants us the freedom to believe,

  • why do you arrest us?

  • It's the freedom of a bird trapped in a cage.

  • Though its wings are not bound,

  • when it flies, it's still in the cage.

  • Tell me! Who are the upper leaders of your church?

  • And the church's money? Where is that?

  • Oh, still quiet? Then don't you expect to get out alive!

  • Keep pouring!

  • She just miscarried!

  • God

  • I never thought that the CCP would be capable of doing something this terrible!

  • I can barely stand it anymore!

  • Just as God's word says,

  • We'll give her an injection that will make her start to hallucinate.

  • This will make her go insane.

  • Even after she gets out, she'll lose her belief in God.

  • If we do this, then it has to be done in secrecy. No one can know.

  • They all just want to make you crazy,

  • so that you can't believe in God and lose the salvation!

  • Now let me recite one more passage of God's word, all right?

  • Maybe her God saved her?

O God! Today You've shown me how mighty You are,


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神の愛が私を救った|キリスト教映画予告編|「拷問からの新しい命 (The Love of God Saved Me | Christian Movie Trailer | "A New Life Out of Tortures")

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