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(horse neighing and galloping)
Today's (fitting) was so great.
Yeah. Also, I can't wait to take my Spanx off.
Before I change could you take a picture of me?
What should I be doing?
Can I get you a Starbucks cup?
Nah, that's so orchestrated.
Planning to read a book?
I don't feel like I'd be reading in this outfit, you know.
What if, like, I'm just stepping out of my car?
Yeah, but we'd have to move it into the sun.
(light, playful music)
The sun is this way, so you would park that way.
That good?
A little more.
A little more.
A little more.
Too much!
Someone go move those garbage cans!
Is this good?
Take a few, okay?
(picture snaps)
Tell me when to switch, okay?
Hold on.
(picture snap)
I didn't say switch!
I know, but I was posing for a really long time.
I felt awkward.
Stop moving!
(picture snap)
... takes forever to focus
Wait, bend that right leg. It looks kinda weird.
(light, playful music)
It's not focusing!
Touch my face.
You're supposed to touch her face.
Yeah, I know how a phone works, and it's not working right now
Hold on.
Why are you so close? Back up.
Are you telling me to move closer?
Back off.
I feel like her face needs more light.
Now, well, it's either she's well lit or the background's well lit.
I can't do both.
Down. Down.
A little more.
A little less.
Stop there.
(picture snap)
You look too much like you're posing.
Should I look away?
Look more natural, but keep your back straight.
Yeah, like, don't slouch, but look relaxed.
How's this?
You're a little shiny.
Oh my god, thank you so much. I love you.
[Makeup Artist] This is important and you're doing great.
How's my hair?
Stop moving and talking!
Hold on.
Make sure you get full body and close-up, okay?
You can crop it.
It's not the same.
I feel like you should show a little more cleavage.
Is that okay? (picture snap)
A little too much, might get flagged.
How about now? (picture snap)
Yeah, that's good.
You should take some with your glasses on.
(fast-paced music)
(picture snap)
No, but now I can see myself in the reflection.
Okay we can Photoshop it.
You can tag me.
Okay, I think we have a lot of options.
Lemme see.
That one's nice.
Oh, that one's really good, right?
Did we get it?
One more.
(picture snaps)
(bassy music)
You know, this first one's pretty decent, actually.
No, wait.
Yeah, okay, let me just balance the colors.
Smooth my skin.
(light, upbeat music)
She's so effortless.
Yo, yo, wait, before you go anywhere, make sure to give
this video a big thumbs up.
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It's about when people have a crush on you.
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Monday and Thursday.
One love Superwoman.
That is a wrap, and ZOOP!




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