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  • Connecting your Laptop PC to a wireless network gives you the advantage of being able to move

  • around inside your house, while you remain connected to the internet. In this video,

  • let us see how to connect your Lenovo PC to an existing wireless network.

  • Before we begin, make sure your Wireless Router is turned on, and is connected to the internet.

  • Power up your PC and click the Wi-Fi icon in the System Tray near the clock. You should

  • now see the list of Wireless networks available for you to connect. Select your wireless network

  • from the list. If your network is not listed, it is possible that it is a hidden network.

  • If so, scroll down to select Hidden Network. CheckConnect automaticallyif you want

  • the laptop to automatically connect to this network when it is available. This will ensure

  • that you need not repeat this process every time. Click Connect. You will be prompted

  • to enter the Network Name or SSID in the next screen. If your wireless network is secured

  • and has a security key or a PIN, you may be prompted to enter that. Type the Security

  • Key and click Next. The first time you connect to a Wireless Network, you may be prompted

  • to choose if you want to enable sharing. If it is a Home or Personal network, you may

  • choose to Share files and folders or even printers. But if it is a hot spot or public

  • network, Do not enable sharing. That’s it, your system should now be connected to the

  • wireless network. If you are connecting to a hot spot or a wireless network in an airport

  • etc., you may have to complete the authentication formalities using a web browser. But if it

  • is your home network, you should be online. Thank you.

Connecting your Laptop PC to a wireless network gives you the advantage of being able to move


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レノボのセルフヘルプ。ワイヤレスネットワークに接続する方法 (Lenovo Self-Help: How to connect to a wireless network)

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