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- Ironman versus triathlons.
All up in this area here.
That's what I gotta say about your heat.
Oh boy, you'll see what
that workout was in a bit.

Trust me, big wow,
after I eat, heat train,

clean myself up, Ironman
versus triathlons,

there's a difference, small but true.
What is up, what is up trainiacs.
It is good to be back
with the normal you again,

after suffering through
a week with the other

vlogging camera that is gonna go home,
it's nice to have the normal you back.
So we are now eight days
away from flying out

to Kona for the Ironman
world championship in 2017.

Yeah, like this is so
exciting that the whole

bunch of us, me and TK,
Mel, Mel's man, all get to
go to Kona and cover it.

I think we might even be
media, like a legitimate

group of individuals, not
just a bunch of hoodlums,

and show up with camera
gear and point them at

people like weirdos.
We're still gonna point cameras at people
and they're gonna think
we're weird, but we

will be accredited weirdos.
And one of the things
that I know is that people

are looking up Ironman versus triathlon.
We'll talk about Ironman for starters.
Ironman is a triathlon, it's
a distance of triathlon,

but in addition to
that, Ironman is a brand

of the world triathlon corporation,
which is now owned by
Dalian Wanda Group, which is a Chinese
company that bought it
from the private equity

company that had
previously run the Ironman

brand for I want to say
eight to ten years or so,

and grown it into the behemoth that it is,
so the easiest way to
look at what Ironman is,

is number one, it is a
distance of triathlon,

but it's also this
company that holds Ironman

branded races.
They're the full Ironman distance of that
2.4 mile swim, the 112
mile bike, and the 26.2

mile run, or the Canadian
and everyone but the

US folk out there, a 3.8
kilometer swim, a 180

kilometer bike, and then
a 42.2 kilometer run.

They also do the half
Ironman branded races.

Those being the 70.3s, the 1.2 mile swim,
the 56 mile bike, and then 13.1 mile run.
Metric, 1.9 kilometer
swim, a 90 kilometer bike,

and then a 21.1 kilometer run.
In addition to that,
Ironman has branched out

into a huge number of things.
That MDot that you see
tattooed onto people's

legs so they can advertise
how tough they are,

that goes on every piece of gear that they
can slap it on.
Backpacks, bags, all triathlon equipment,
Ironman branded watches, they've also
got a series of short course races.
They've got the Ironkids, they've got
road running races,
they've got cycling races.

That MDot has become iconic
and it's kind of like,

it's not necessarily just
a distance of a race,

it's like a brand like
Pepsi, Coke, the MDot

is a very powerful brand and I want to say
that that Chinese company
bought it for something

like $600,000,000 or $700,000,000.
Now the flip side of that, a triathlon
is basically what we know as a
race in the pure sense of it.

Basically defined as one
sport that is comprised

of three different sports.
Typically, it is a
swim, a bike, and a run,

however there's a women's
track and field event

that's 100 meter run, a high
jump, and then a shot put.

It might take a little
bit less time than we

take in our races, but then there's also
a British version of a triathlon that is
fly casting, horseback
riding, and trap shooting.

They're gonna attract
a different kind of cat

than comes into our
version of a triathlon.

- We just identified them for you.
Vivian Smith's (mumbles).
- Now that's not to say that just pure
triathlons can't be
the distance of Ironman

events, but those are different.
Unless they are an Ironman branded event,
basically they're licensing
the name of Ironman,

and they're partnering
with Ironman and it's

an Ironman sanctioned
event, the Ironman events

have to be referred to as
Ironman distance events.

So the (mumbles) half
Ironman that I completed

last summer, it was a half iron distance,
not a half Ironman.
Very finicky legal stuff.
If you want to go with, say, the most
pure triathlon, because
it is an Olympic sport,

it's governed by the ITU and the ITU,
the International Triathlon Union is what
lobbied and grew the sport internationally
and got it adopted in the Olympics.
We are talking about a 1500 meter swim,
a 40k bike and a 10k run.
But if you're putting yourself through
any distance, that
distance, shorter distance,

a longer distance, they're all triathlons.
You're all trainiacs, you're all badasses,
be proud, kick ass, have fun,
make new friends, all right?

Speaking of kicking ass,
workout this morning,

as I mentioned, four hours, four hours
over a three hour bike, and
then over a 50 minute run.

I'm getting fit, I'm
getting fit, all up in

this area here.
(upbeat music)
It's hot in here.
(phone ringing)
Promise you I'm done with Austin now
almost exactly a month away.
I am heavily working on heat training.
I got my ass handed to me
in Campeche in the heat.

Now I was going to Campeche
after an entire winter

out in minus 30 Winnipeg,
that's not very hot.

And it's cooling down
outside now, but it's

still nice enough, that
what I'm making sure

that I do is, when
possible I do a bunch of

work like first thing in the morning,
one of the benefits of
being self-employed.

Trust me, there are drawbacks.
And then I do a lot of my
training later in the day,

when it's slightly warm out and then the
protocol for heat training
that I learned from

Team Wurtele, Trevor and Heather Wurtele,
pro Ironman and half Ironman athletes,
is that three or four times a day in the
last six weeks before
your race, you want to

get into a sauna as soon as you can
after a workout, and here's the key,
don't hydrate in between
the end of that workout

and while you're in the sauna.
So you just sit in there and bake.
So hopefully Austin, that's what I gotta
say about your heat.
And public safety
announcement, hydrate a lot

after doing that sauna work.
And if you really want
to live dangerously,

right after the sauna, and the hydrating,
hop into the shower and
hit yourself with about

15 to 30 seconds of straight cold.
It's gonna flush a ton of all the gunk
that accumulates during
that workout out of

your body, well kind of
get your body moving,

because everything goes
(grunts) and constrict,

it's kind of that sauna relaxes everything
and then the cold restricts
it and you're gonna

get a rush of endorphins
and you're gonna be

just a total badass.
(water running)
Oh, oh it's cold.
I didn't say you'd like it.


Ironman vs Triathlon

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