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  • The island of Bali lies in the center of the Indonesian archipelago,

    バリ島は インドネシア諸島の中央

  • between the islands, of Java and Lombok.


  • But to the Balinese people,

    しかし バリの人々は

  • their island is considered the center of the spiritual universe.


  • Bali has a population of around 4 million people,

    バリの人口は約 400 万人

  • and is home to Indonesia's Hindu population.


  • The Balinese practice the concept of Tri Hita Karana,


  • which seeks to balance the human, natural and spirit worlds.


  • And it is this sense of harmony

    この調和の感覚は バリを

  • which makes Bali more than just a physical destination,


  • but a complete state of mind.


  • Most first time visitors are drawn to the south of Bali,


  • a region blessed with incredible beaches and world class surf.

    南側は 信じられないくらい素晴らしいビーチや 世界でも有数の波に恵まれています

  • Kuta was discovered by the flower children and surfers of the 1960's.

    クタは 1960 年代のフラワー チルドレンや サーファーによって発見されました

  • Just a short drive from Bali's International Airport,


  • and renowned for it's nightlife and shopping,


  • it's hard to imagine this was once a sleepy fishing village.

    現在の姿から 活気のない漁村だったクタを想像するのは容易ではありません

  • Yet Kuta's crescent shaped beach still retains a magical quality,

    しかし今でも 三日月形のクタのビーチは幻想的で

  • casting a spell over sun worshippers from all over the world.


  • From Kuta, grab your sarong and follow the beach north,

    サロンをつかんで クタからビーチを北上して見ましょう

  • to the beaches of Legian, Double Six and Seminyak,


  • where things really mellow out.


  • Step from the sand of Seminyak and into Petitenget Temple.

    スミニャックの砂浜から プティティンゲット寺院まで歩きます

  • The temple was built centuries ago,


  • around a simple shrine built to appease troublesome spirits


  • who haunted the area.


  • Today, Seminyak is a tranquil place,

    スミニャックは 今では穏やかな場所です

  • known for its great restaurants and fashion boutiques.

    素敵なレストランやファッション ブティックで知られています

  • Bali has come a long way since it's days as just a backpacker destination.


  • Head south from Kuta to the Bukit Penninsula


  • where you'll find the luxury resort enclave of Nusa Dua,


  • a name synonymous with seclusion and style.


  • On the peninsula's west side is one of Bali's finest beaches, Jimbaran.

    ペニンシュラの西側は バリで最も素晴らしいビーチの 1 つジンバランです

  • Towards the end of the day,

    1 日の終わりを前に

  • pull up a chair at one of the seafood restaurants,

    シーフード レストランの席に着き

  • and experience an incredible spectacle,


  • as Bali's gods hurl paint across the heavens


  • A little further south, and jutting out into the Java Sea

    もう少し南に行くと ジャワ海に突き出している岩が見えます

  • is the rock at lands end ~ Uluwatu.

    これが 島の断崖 ウルワツです

  • Follow the cliff-top pathways to one of Bali's most important temples,

    崖の上に沿って バリで最も貴重な寺院の 1 つにつながる小道を進み

  • then grab your board and paddle out into Uluwatu's legendary swells.

    ウルワツの伝説的な 波のうねる沖に出ます

  • Discovering more of Bali is a breeze.

    バリの素晴らしさを発見するのは いとも簡単です

  • Hire a van with driver for the day,

    終日 ドライバー付きのバンで回るのも

  • or if you're feeling more adventurous rent a scooter.


  • Not far from the island's capital, Denpasar,

    さほど遠くない首都 デンパサールは

  • is the Bali Bird Park, a sanctuary to over 1000 birds


  • from all over Indonesia and beyond.

    インドネシア全土から集まった 1000 羽を超える鳥の楽園になっています

  • Nearby at the Bali Zoo, see Bali from up high,

    近くのバリ動物園で スマトラゾウの背中から

  • on the back of a Sumatran elephant


  • But it's even higher, in the foothills,


  • where the true spirit of Bali awaits.


  • Only an hours drive from Denpassar is Bali's cultural capital, Ubud.

    デンパサールから車でわずか 1 時間行くと バリ島文化の中心地 ウブドです

  • Here the streets are lined with stalls and galleries


  • selling the works of local artisans.


  • To deepen your appreciation of Balinese art,


  • spend a few hours at The Neka Art and Puri Lukisan museums.


  • Or take a tour through the fabulous private collection of the Arma Museum.

    アルマ美術館の 素晴らしいプライベートコレクションのツアーに参加することもできます

  • Don't miss the flamboyant home of painter Antonio Blanco

    画家 アントニオ・ブランコの華やかな家を見逃してはなりません

  • ~ The Dali of Bali ~ who's life's work was a tribute to the female form.

    「バリのダリ」は 女性の造形美を称える作品をライフワークとしました

  • Ubud is one of Bali's most popular tourist destinations,

    ウブドはバリで最も人気のある観光地の 1 つですが

  • but serenity is never more than a few steps away.


  • You'll find some of Ubud's most popular residents


  • under the cool canopy of The Sacred Monkey Forest.


  • A few kilometers away,


  • step through the mouth of a demon into the elephant caves of Goa Gajah.

    悪魔の口を通って行く ゴアガジャの象の洞窟があります

  • Ubud is surrounded by Bali's rural heartland,


  • where, apart from the motor scooters, life has changed little for centuries.

    スクーターを別にすれば 人々の生活は何世紀もほとんど変わっていません

  • As the altitude rises the highlands offer a cool haven.

    高度が上がるにつれ 高地は涼しい避暑地となります

  • It is here, among the volcanic mountain mists of Kintamani and beyond,

    キンタマーニ火山の噴霧に包まれ その上には

  • that the island's most revered gods reside


  • Down below, the rest of Bali awaits,

    下方には バリの別の顔が待っています

  • as well as nearby treasures like Lombok's, Gilli Islands.

    ロンボク島やジリ島のような宝物が 他にもすぐそばにあるのです

  • Indonesia has thousands of islands to explore.

    インドネシアには 探索できる島が数千もあります

  • But few others in this archipelago,

    しかしこの列島の他の地域や 世界中の他のどの地域でさえも

  • or indeed the rest of the world,


  • can match the culture, natural beauty and spirit of Bali.


The island of Bali lies in the center of the Indonesian archipelago,

バリ島は インドネシア諸島の中央


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