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[Alfie:] See you later.
See you later.
Hello everybody. It feels so long since I have done a favourites video,
because the last time I did one was at the start of December
which was my November favourites.
And since then, I haven't done a favourites.
I didn't do a yearly round up, I didn't do a December favourites.
So today, I'm going to be doing my January favourites.
And, if I'm honest, these are some of my favourite videos to film and to watch
just because you get a really good idea of what someone has genuinely been enjoying,
and I feel like that's a great thing to go off of.
If I watch someone's favourites, and they're like, I used this product all through the month and I love it,
I'm like, I know you mean that and I'm going to go and buy it.
I kind of want to keep this short because I've just cooked myself a pizza for lunch
and it's now on the side getting colder.
Although, I have to say, I much prefer to eat pizza when it's, like, not that hot
because there is nothing worse than biting into pizza,
and it's like molten lava and it burns you mouth and you can't taste anything for like the next two days
so, I mean, I'm quite happy about that.
I'm happy that its sat on the side waiting for me,
but, I don't want to take the p and leave it too long.
So I am going to try and film this quite quickly.
Cause I'm quite hungry, and my stomach might also rumble.
Because I feel like its been a while, and I've got a hair in my eye,
I have accumulated quite a few beauty products,
which, generally, if you watch my favourites you'll know is the one thing I struggle to actually use.
Because, once I love something, I continue to use that until, like, forever
So, where to start?
I have mentioned this briefly on my vlogging channel,
but I am loving this.
This is the Sunday Riley Martian mattifying melting water gel toner.
I very kindly received a sample of this in my P.O. Box
in... December? And I've been using it ever since,
this is one I've since purchased myself.
In fact, I purchased two because I didn't want to run out and then not have it.
This is for oily to acne prone skin.
And although I don't particularly have all-over oily or all-over acne,
I have areas that are oily and areas that are acne prone.
So I have found that this has been amazing.
Generally when I've had a spot or a blemish,
the marks take a really long time to fade.
I always say it's kind of like my skin is see-through,
and whenever I've had a spot you can literally see it
for like, weeks afterwards,
and I feel like that's really helping with this.
I also feel like any spots that I do have,
which is kind of a given around a certain time of the month anyway,
they're not as... I want to say savage.
They're not as savage.
They're not as huge, they're not as, like, painful,
and I really think that this has helped the overall kind of appearance of my skin.
Also I just really like the toner stage.
It's, like, one of my favourite stages, because it's so, like, refreshing.
I don't know. It's nice to, like, prep your skin before moisturiser.
The next thing I've been loving is this,
which is the Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask
enzymatic dermal resurfacer.
This is as scary as it sounds.
This was actually quite painful.
But then I quite like a face mask that's like, woah, I can feel that working.
I know that some people don't, and to be honest, I probably should steer clear of these
because I think I have quite sensitive skin,
but, when I put this on, my whole face was like, woah, I feel like
there is like a tiny, like, army of red ants like going at my face right now
but when I took this off
my skin was like a whole other dimension.
It was just like, woah, okay this mask really does something.
It says "a 3-in-1 intensive skin resurfacer mask exfoliates with pumpkin enzyme,
peels with alpha-hydroxy-acid, polishes with aluminium oxide,
and reveals smoother, younger-looking, radiant, and revitalized skin."
I can 100% vouch for the radiant.
When I first took this off, my skin was glowy, it looked amazing.
The next day, however, I did have some spots. So I think that it kind of drew those out.
But, carried on using it, and I use this, I don't know,
at the moment I would say I probably use this, like, once a week, or
three times every two weeks. I don't wanna use it too much.
And it just says to "apply a thin layer to clean skin, gently massage in a circular motion with wet fingertips
to polish with micro-polishing aluminium oxide powder.
Leave on for three to seven minutes."
*doorbell ringing*
There's someone at my door.
It's not just kind of a slap-it-on-and-leave-it, but I highly recommend this.
It's really great. If you want a mask that feels like it's doing something to your skin, this will.
And because it said pumpkin, I was really, like,
"Oh! This is gonna smell so, like, autumn-y and, like, pumpkin cupcakes."
I was wrong.
I mean, it does a little bit. But it mostly just smells like actual pumpkin.
Not, like, pumpkin spicey goodness.
I'm gonna do the next two together, because I feel like they kind of go hand in hand, although they don't.
But it is a new toothbrush and a new flosser.
I had one of these about two years ago, and this bit broke.
Oh. And I've just realised, I literally probably could have just bought a new head of it.
Something broke and it didn't work.
I thought I'd just snapped this, but I could have replaced that, so...
I don't know. What did I do?
I loved it, and I was like, I need to get that flosser again, because I really enjoyed it.
This flosser is intense. If you wanna feel like you've been to a hygienist,
you need to use this toothbrush, which is the
uh, Oral-B Braun...
I don't know the actual model of this, but it was half price in Boots after Christmas,
so I treated myself to a new toothbrush.
I feel like treating yourself to a new toothbrush every January
is kind of like, do you know what? Fresh start. Fresh toothbrush.
I don't know, I really like buying new toothbrushes.
And I just spat. That's how excited I am for a new toothbrush.
I had not used one like this before,
but it's got multiple different functions,
it's, you know, got sensitive, whitening, all the things.
But the main reason I was drawn towards this was not just because it was copper, or because it was half price.
It was because...
came with a little, like, phone mount that you can put on your mirror,
and you put your phone in it.
And this syncs up with bluetooth,
so that it tells you when you're pressing too hard, and it gives you a rundown of
um, how long you need to do your teeth, and, I don't know, it's like a teeth diary, and I really, really like it.
Granted, I don't always open the app every time I brush my teeth.
So the app looks like I never brush my teeth.
But, um, I just love that it tells you when you're brushing too hard.
Which, weirdly, I always do on this side. Never this side, just this side and at the top.
Which I didn't know before I had this toothbrush, so...
very useful. And
I like this because it-
Basically how it works is, you fill this with water or, um,
mouthwash. I tend to put mouthwash in there, just because I like my mouth to be all, like, fresh and minty.
So I'll put my Listerine in there,
eye-watering stuff, but it's great for your mouth, and your gums, and your teeth.
Does anyone remember? I remember these in school because we weren't allowed chewing gum,
but they had just brought out those little tabs that you put on your tongue,
and I used to keep those in my pencil case, and I had Listerine ones.
So whenever I was a bit like, oh my God, I'm sat next to this boy, and I don't want bad breath, so
I'm gonna, like, slip myself a little, like, Listerine tab. How funny is that?
And then no one would ever know, because it just dissolved on your tongue, and they were genius.
I don't even know if they're still around. I haven't seen any in a really long time.
And you press this button...
and you hold this on your teeth, and it shoots the
uh, Listerine, or mouthwash, between your teeth.
So, these two things together, I think, have a) made my teeth whiter,
b) made my mouth feel more clean,
and c) make you feel like you've been to a hygienist every time you use them, so
I mean, this is kind of bulky, I have to say. It's not like normal dental floss.
But I think, personally, this works a lot better.
So I briefly mentioned in my previous video how much I I have been loving
the Revlon Colorstay makeup foundation. Makeup foundation?
The Revlon Colorstay foundation.
Love that it's now in a pump. Love it, love it, love it.
I've got it on today, I've been wearing it for, like, the past two weeks,
I just really like this foundation. This one is for combination to oily skin, and I believe you can also get it for normal to dry skin, or just normal skin.
I don't know.
I can't tell you what it is about this that I love, apart from that it's a great foundation,
it's a great price,
it blends really lovely, they have a great selection of shades,
and I would say it's like a medium to buildable coverage,
doesn't feel drying, lasts really well,
I just really like it. And I'd forgotten how much I liked it until I rediscovered it in my makeup when I was having a clear out, so
love ya.
I've also been loving this. This is quite random,
but this is an Anastasia Beverly Hills A23 brush.
I got this on Cult Beauty, because
it's the sort of size brush that I really love for highlight.
I have quite a small face, so quite a lot of blush, highlight, and bronzer brushes
are too big for certain areas of my face.
Things like this are perfect for quite, like, precise blush and highlight application, or even contour, to be honest,
which is why I bought it, and now I swear by it. It's just amazing.
It's just that perfect size to do those three things on my face.
Eyeliner! This is the Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner.
I hadn't really been wearing eyeliner much, I don't know if anyone even noticed,
but I used to do my little cat-eye quite a lot,
and I just stopped doing it because I was really struggling through the summer to find
a eyeliner that was
easy to apply and lasted well. They were either easy to apply,
and within, like, three hours my flicks had gone, because my eyes were really watery in summer for some reason,
Or... they were...
they just didn't have great colour payoff. And I just feel like, with a liquid eyeliner,
you want it to be really black.
And you want it to stand out over any eyeshadow, or
um, just, I don't know, make it easy to get those, like, lines.
I'm useless with gel liner, because I'm just rubbish, so I need some sort of, like, felt tip...
applicator when it comes to eyeliner. So I saw this one,
and I thought, Stay All Day, waterproof. Those are two words I like to hear
when we're talking about eyeliner. So I thought I would give it a go,
and I love it. It's made me fall back in love with liquid eyeliner.
I'm not gonna say this lasts...
all day if you have leaky eyes.
I had a day of cry-laughing recently, and- as you do.
I had a day of cry-laughing.
And I did lose one flick. The other one was fine.
I seem to have this eye leak more than this one. But, considering I had, like, proper tears coming out of my eyes,
I thought it was really good. And actually, if I didn't have watery eyes, this would definitely see me to the end of the day.
Another thing, which I actually showed in my last video, is this,
which is the Rimmel Born This Way brow sculpting kit.
Which, if I'm completely honest, I bought on a whim, thinking, yeah, this looks okay, I wanna see what...
kind of, the more high-street shops can offer in terms of eyebrows, because I was quite happy with the eyebrow product I was using, which was powder.
In that video, I tried this on my eyebrows, and I have been using this on my eyebrows every day since.
I love it. And it's actually the dark brown wax that I put in my eyebrows, and I just use
a MAC 226 slanted, like, eyebrow, eyeliner brush.
And I dip it in the wax side of this, and then I put it through my brows.
I feel like it offers a much more natural look. It doesn't feel...
as flat.
It kind of gives a bit of shade,
gives a bit of dimension, makes the hairs how you want them to be without having to use powder, and then a gel on top of that,
it's just the best thing ever. Honestly, use a dark brown wax for your eyebrows.
You will not be sorry.
A lip product I've been really enjoying is this one, which I actually have on my lips today,
and this is the Colorpop Hello Kitty, so it's part of their Hello Kitty collection that Colorpop did,
and it's the ultra-satin lip.
You know how much I love the actual liquid lipsticks that Colorpop do, so I was really interested in trying out
the ultra-satin lip, because it's a different formulation,
and this is in the colour...
Tiny Chum! It's very similar to the colour that I love by Colorpop, which is Bianca. It's that kind of...
mauve-y, pinky nude, but quite dark. And I really, really like this.
But, more importantly, for any of you that don't like how drying the liquid lipsticks are, you are gonna love these. Because...
the colour payoff is just as amazing, they're just as easy to apply, but they don't feel as heavy, and they don't feel as dry.
I really, really like them. I want more colours in the ultra-satin lip.
Fragrance-wise, I've been really liking this. This is White Peacock Lily by D.S. & Durga, and it's the Eau de Parfum.
I couldn't tell you what notes are in this, because White Peacock Lily...
I mean, is that a flower? It ain't a peacock, that's for sure.
But what I can tell you is...
it's fresh, slightly floral, quite summery, actually, I feel like this would be a really nice summer perfume.
But I love it. It's like nothing I've ever smelled before, and I quite like layering this with
Jo Malone, um, Sea Salt and Sage, or Wood Sage.
And I also really like to layer with the Molecule 01, which is also one of my all-time favourite perfumes.
And it just smells really, like, light, and, like, fruity/floral,
um, it's probably, mm, I wouldn't say it's, like, overly feminine, though,
which I think is why I like it, because I'm not really about the...
frilly smells,
and I don't feel like this is that. But...
it has those sorts of notes in it. But there's something in it that doesn't make it too overpowering and makes it quite fresh, which I really, really like.
Something else I have been loving is- ah, I need to open it. This...
which is the Morphe palette.
I think you can get these on Cult Beauty, that's where I got mine from.
Excuse all the, like, dirty, like, foundation prints all over it.
But this is the Fall Into the Forest. I think that's what it's called, don't quote me on that. I can't remember and it doesn't have it written on here anywhere.
These palettes are actually very, very well-priced. They're such good value for money. And you get so many in there.
There's a mixture of shimmery, and matte down this side, really lovely highlighter-y shades,
and basically every colour that I love to apply to my eyes right now, which is why I've been loving it so much.
And I have to say, when it comes to eyeshadow, I'm a bit of a snob in a sense that I feel like
if something comes in a palette like this, and there's loads of eyeshadows, and it's cheap,
the quality isn't gonna be as good as...
your standard, kind of, NARS twelve colours, or your Urban Decay,
which has, like, between fifteen to twenty colours.
So I kind of assumed this wouldn't be as good as it actually is. I don't know why.
I think it's because these sorts of palettes remind me of when I was younger.
It's amazing. The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is unreal. Like, so good. I've been wearing it, like, every day for this whole month.
More kind of lifestyle-y things. I have been loving this, which I've just ripped off my massive to-do list off of,
'cause you guys don't need to see that. This is from Kikki K, and as I
showed you in one of my vlogs, I had kind of a little Kikki K haul, because I love stationery, and...
I am obsessed with this to-do list pad. It says "Today" on it,
and then you've got, kind of, your run-down of everything you wanna do in the day.
I like this because there's so many points. You're never gonna run out of space.
Then you've got the date, then you've got "top priorities," then you've got "for tomorrow,"
and then notes, and then, a tiny little, like, water intake, so you cross this off during the day of how many glasses of water you've had.
And I've been filling one of these in at the start of every week with weekly tasks,
and then if I have more, kind of, in-depth tasks for the day, I will also write those on here as well. And it's just been making me very organised.
One other thing that I thought I would show you, um, is a little treat to myself at Christmas.
Or after Christmas, basically. I didn't need it, but...
a treat's a treat at the end of the day. But I got myself this little Gucci handbag.
Tanya has a red one, and every time I see her with it, I'm like, it's the perfect size. 'Cause it's not too big,
it's, like, big enough that you can fit your wallet, your purse, your camera, your keys, you can fit everything in it, but it's not too huge.
And every time I see her, I'm like, I need to make a mental note. I need to order one of these bags at some point,
because I absolutely love it. I've just been obsessed with it. It's very pretty, it's great, it's practical, and it was my little treat.
That is everything I have been loving through January, and to be fair, probably mostly through December as well.
Let me know, as always, what you guys have been loving in the comments, and on Twitter, and on Instagram. I love to hear from you.
And I really hope that you're going to be having a splendid week. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and I'll see you again soon!


January Favourites 2017 | Zoella

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