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  • These exercise bikes

  • Thotiana

  • Are just for display

  • Wanna Minaj?

  • This whole vid just shows off our ass & thighs

  • Damn y'all hoes

  • This vid is so great

  • We're excercising in an old creepy warehouse

  • scarier than Donald Trump in the White House

  • Can I please stop my legs cramping?

  • No keep singing

  • In 2015 I got myself a really bad reputation

  • I became a donut licking sensation

  • and then all of America hated me

  • said I'm nasty

  • My song & video Focus

  • wasn't a big success

  • It was missing some ass

  • In the sauna sitting with these ken dolls.

  • In real life they'd be old, hairy and bald.

  • get the cops called, I think one's touching me

  • Hey I'm Donald Trump can i grab your Kitty?

  • a-a-all these video views are thanks to me

  • Everybody clicking just to see my fake bouncy booty

  • this bathing suit's giving me a big wedgie, ugh!

  • I-I-I'll beat up any bitch who try me


  • Bang Bang slayed

  • so we did a song that was the same

  • About Sex, but without Jessie J

  • She was lame!

  • Twerk pops

  • Oh I think my lung popped

  • Barbie ass so fat, I made his fucking heart stop

  • Uh oh, I think we're in a pickle

  • um.. something about riding a tricycle

  • Bitch! You fucked the song up.

  • Sorry

  • Wow, that old geezer was slayed the Mannequin Challenge.

  • *sirens*

  • Thank you for watching this parody

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  • Pretty please

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These exercise bikes


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アリアナ・グランデ ft.Nicki Minaj - Side To Side (CARTOON PARODY) (Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj - Side To Side (CARTOON PARODY))

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