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I'm Nick Kazakov and this is TWB S1R installation on Yamaha R1 2015
Kit includes carbon slip on S1R
Stainless manifold with ports for O2 sensors and clamps
Titan clamp with rubber gasket for slip on
Springs and spring-tool
Fittings for O2 sensors
Stainless bracket
First, OEM system should be removed
Remove EXUP cover to disconnect servo cables
Loosen slip on clamp and unscrew mounting bolt to remove slip on
Next, remove front covers from both sides to unscrew O2 sensors
Mark the O2 sensor to count turnovers up to complete removing
Next, loosen both clamps and remove mounting bolts from both sides and under the right foot peg
The catalyst is used to reduce harmful substances in exhaust gases
OEM slip on bracket is removed
Now, disconnect cables from servo motor
Remove both seats
Remove servo motor and disconnect cables
Servo motor is used to close exude to smooth engine power curve and for better work of catalyst
It should be mounted back, not to have error
Cover and seats are installed in reverse order
OEM system weighs 8.7kg
TWB system weighs 2.3kg
Installation starts with manifold
Don't forget clamps
Tighten mounting bolt and clamps but not completely
Install fitting using copper washer
O2 sensor should be twisted by 7 turns before installation to avoid wire tension
Next install bracket and fit the slip on
The slip on is fastened with clamp and springs
Now tighten clamps and mounting bolts сonsistently
Control the slip on position and correct if necessary
Use only front covers from both sides
TWB S1R increase power by 3.5hp
Reduce weight on 3.5kg
And has bass sound

TWB manifold allows to use O2 sensors, so closed-loop control remains
The volume can be reduced by installing DB killer
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TWB S1R installation on Yamaha R1 2015

72 タグ追加 保存
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