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  • Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store.

  • I wanted to show you the new clamping system from IronRidge.

  • It's the UFO, the Universal Fastening Object.

  • Now it's really nice, very very versatile.

  • The same clamp can be used from 30mm to 48mm solar panel frames.

  • So that gives you a nice wide range.

  • Most solar panels out in the industry now are going to within that range.

  • Now you can use this as both the mid-clamp and the end-clamp.

  • So you don't have to have the separate end-clamp and mid-clamps that you used to have to have.

  • And these were available in different size ranges.

  • The nice thing is this one clamp can be used for 30 to 48mm.

  • Now the one thing to keep in mind is to turn this from a mid-clamp to an end-clamp, you

  • need to get the stopper sleeve.

  • Now these sleeves are available in different thicknesses based on the thickness of your

  • solar panel.

  • So it's available in 32mm, 33, 35, 38, 40, and 48mm.

  • So all you do to turn a mid-clamp into an end-clamp is put the little stopper sleeve

  • on there, and that turns it right into an end-clamp.

  • So it just goes right on there.

  • Now these come with a T-bolt, so you don't have to slide it in from the end of the rail.

  • You just slide it down where ever you are going and it's just going to stay there.

  • It stands up on its own.

  • It's got the integrated bonding.

  • So what this means is it will automatically bite through the frame of your solar panel,

  • bite through the metal of your rail, and it will electrically bond them together, so that

  • you can ground everything.

  • It's got little teeth on both the top of the UFO cap and on the bolt, so when you tighten

  • that down, that's going to bond every thing.

  • It is UL2703 certified, so that'll keep your authority having jurisdiction happy.

  • So it's all nice and code compliant.

  • And what it also has is, this is just part of the whole bonding system.

  • So this will bond the panels to the rails.

  • You then have the ability to bond the feet to the rail, if you are connecting it to say

  • a Fast Foot or some sort of S-5!, or any sort of flashing.

  • This is how you would connect right on to it.

  • And the bolt, same thing, has got the teeth that's going to bite right in there.

  • It also has, if you need to extend your rails, you would get the bonding splice.

  • Now that just slides right in and it comes with a self tapping screw that also is going

  • to just bite right through, grab every thing, electrically bond the rail to the splice,

  • and then the screws that you put on the second section will bond that second rail to the

  • splice, which bonds it to the rail, which is bonded to the feet, which is bonded to the frame.

  • Everything is all nice and connected together, very very easy.

  • So you don't have to have that separate grounding strap anymore, the splice, the internal splice

  • acts as your grounding.

  • And, you've also got a new grounding lug. So again, it's got those teeth that bite in and

  • so this is where you would just, it's got a T-bolt, you just slide it into the rail,

  • tighten that down, and that's going to connect it, bond it, to the rail.

  • And then you connect your 6 gauge bare copper wire to your grounding rod.

  • So that get's everything all bonded together.

  • So to see how easily this all goes together, I just take a couple of my universal clamps,

  • pop the sleeves on to turn them into end clamps.

  • I'm just going to pop it right in where, right at the end here.

  • And because they've got the T-bolt, I don't have to slide it all the way in.

  • I can just drop it right down here.

  • Slide the panel right up to it.

  • I've got my mid-clamps.

  • Again, I just slide them right in where they need to be, and I would just tighten these

  • right up.

  • So again I've got my end clamps, put them on here.

  • And, 7/16 socket, just drill them all down, you've got this system all nice and installed.

  • Everything's going to be bonded, everything's going to be grounded, everything's going to

  • be code compliant.

  • It's a really sweet system.

  • So, this was Amy from the altE Store, I hope this was helpful to you.

  • If so, give us a like and a share, and be sure to subscribe to our altE Store channel

  • so we can notify you when we've got new videos coming out.

  • And don't forget to go to our website, where we've been making renewable do-able

  • since 1999.

Hi, this is Amy from the altE Store.


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