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  • Refuse the things/activities that you don't want.

  • Time may be wasted in searching for important documents

  • Avoid unwanted phone calls/meetings

  • Delays the beginning of a task. Difficult to complete the task in prescribed time limit.

  • Grooming excessively or in unnecessary circumstances spoil time.

  • Phone calls will reduce the time instead of waiting for emails.

  • Doing task with sound perfection will consume more time.

  • Too much addiction of social sites

  • Avoid viewing unnecessary program

  • Avoid unnecessary chatting on social media websites

  • Planned shopping consumes much less time.

  • Avoid reading that don't contribute self development.

Refuse the things/activities that you don't want.


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時間管理。これらの時間の浪費者から離れて滞在 (Time management: Stay away from these Time Wasters)

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