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  • Troy! You have 10 minutes.

  • I just gotta put on my clothes.

  • You have, like, the body of a man, now.

  • Dad, can you not be weird?

  • Okay.

  • Can you close my door?

  • Yeah.

  • Can you close the door?

  • Yeah.

  • We're going off to find your college.

  • It's gonna be special.

  • We're fully booked tonight.

  • How about that one?

  • That's not available.

  • Oh, looks like it's available.

  • Yeah, it's not.

  • That night my mind drifted back to college. So many friends who had become successful.

  • Craig Fisher work for the White House.

  • Jason Hatfield had his own hedge fund.

  • Billy Wearsiter sold his tech company at 40.

  • What do I have?

  • I work for a non-profit and have nothing to show for it.

  • Somebody asked about you. You know, whatever happened to you,

  • "Where's Brad? I remember that guy Brad..."

  • You happy?

  • I love you.

  • Be present, I love you.

  • These are competitive schools, Troy.

  • Just try not to put too much pressure on yourself.

  • Mike Tallitser thinks that I'll get in pretty much everywhere I apply.

  • My kid's going to Harvard.

  • Don't jinx me, dude.

  • My son is a very talented musician.

  • Also composes his own music

  • so..

  • Wonderful.

  • I'm pretty sure Harvard is gonna be in the running.

  • Oh, you think Harvard's got a chance?

  • Suddenly my thoughts darkened. Troy could easily end up struggling like me.

  • This is Harvard! Even geniuses get rejected.

  • We need to do everything we can.

  • Dad, I'm about to go up my interview, do you really need to be jumping all over me right now? You're nuts.

  • Do I sound jaded? I started out as idealistic as any of your friends over there.

  • You're 50 years old, and you still think that the world was made for you.

  • I'm 47.

  • Sometimes I worry that people think of me as a failure.

  • Oh, that's right! You have your little thing! That is a cool thing that you do!

  • That is GOOD stuff.

  • Your friends are, like, dicks.

  • Everybody's just thinking about themselves.

  • The only person that's thinking about you is me.

  • Isn't it crazy, how we made this kid and now he's this brilliant amazing person?

  • I'm proud of you.

  • Dad, are you having some kind of nervous breakdown or something?

Troy! You have 10 minutes.


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