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bon voyage
sometimes i dream of a world where this feeling lasts forever
where we share the understanding
that were all in this together
each one of us
here right now thinking breathing alive
this world is far from perfect
yet love exists all around us
so lets promise each other
never to forget
not to let this go
even though we both know that we will
theres so much more to this
we don't need to hurt
each other
the creators of our planet
the earth between our toes
it begins with a decision
to choose love over fear
compassion over self
to give instead of break
to understand that each of us
is a canvas blank at the start
and still sometimes i dream of silly things
like humans living equal
and all the animals
being unchained
and power ruling from our hearts
instead of from institutions
or all these boarders drawn with crayons
or by the 1 percent
were we become the stuards
the protectors
and accept our thrown
thats still sadly sitting empty
i dare to wake up
disconect from all this noise
disconect from all this noise
i dare you to look up at the sky
and realize
your existance
your goals and dreams
that you and me
every choice we make
can contribute to the change
we need to see
look into their eyes
look into your own
there is so much more to this
i hope this feeling lasts forever
a gypsy soul with a vibrant hope fort he unknown


Our Message To The World Bohemian Soul Diary

94 タグ追加 保存
巫彥承 2017 年 9 月 14 日 に公開
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