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Phuket - the name is synonymous with Thailand - beach resorts and relaxation.
Phuket is about the same size as Singapore, making it Thailand's largest island.
Phuket is an incredibly popular destination for tourists,
and the long stretches of idyllic beaches along its West coast are lined with hotels,
resorts, restaurants, and other tourist facilities.
You will never be bored in Phuket.
If you get tired of strolling the beaches and markets,
there are plenty of attractions aimed squarely at the tourist market.
Enjoy live theater, bands, or even theme parks,
complete with white tigers, elephant rides, upmarket bars, and dazzling exhibits.
Phuket also caters for those interested in exploring some Thai culture,
with museums and temples that can be explored away from the crowds,
nearer to the beach.
When hunger strikes,
visitors can choose from laid-back cafes beneath the palm trees,
right through to fine dining, and everything in between.
Patong Beach is probably the most developed spot on the island,
and has a thriving nightlife, complete with beer halls, markets, and GoGo bars.
Elsewhere in Phuket, there are quieter and less-developed stretches of coastline,
where there's more focus on relaxing and the natural environment.
Phuket is a destination where everything is within easy reach,
and enjoying yourself is easy.


Phuket: Thailand Travel and Tour Guide

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