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Hello everyone
my name is Cédric Le Dressay and I’m the CEO and Technical Director of Eugen Systems
and today,
I will present you the dynamic campaign, which is playable in solo
and in multiplayer - 1vs1
You’re either going to choose to lead NATO troops
and contain the offensive from the Warsaw Pact
or you’re going to command the Soviet forces
in order to conquer Scandinavia!
In the dynamic campaign
the choices you make will have an impact on upcoming events.
Your victories or defeats,
as well as random events,
will impact your political points.
Those political points
are used to order reinforcement
and strategic support,
such as new combat groups,
missile strikes,
intelligence missions,
Special Forces,
tactical nuclear weapons
and many more...
When two enemy combat groups
confront each other on a strategic level,
the battle begins in the tactical view,
and you have to win the battle in real time.
Your army is composed of Combat Groups
that persist through the entire campaign.
These units gain experience and get stronger after each battle.
remember that any loss is permanent,
so do your best to protect your troops.
Different zones of the map bear different levels of importance.
For example, capturing a capital city
will have a political impact,
but it will not directly affect military operations.
On the contrary,
controlling sea harbors and airports
will enable you to intensify deployment
and will give you new strategic opportunities.
Various combat groups, such as marines, paratroopers,
airborne troops,
mechanized and armored
have different set-ups and capabilities,
hence the tremendous strategic possibilities.


Wargame Airland Battle: the Dynamic Campaign

172 タグ追加 保存
張仕昌 2017 年 9 月 12 日 に公開
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