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JERRY PATRICK: We made a reference we used
when customising the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine by, as luck would have it, watching tons of cartoons.
COMM: For over ten years AKA Junk has created
incredible replicas of TV and movie cars.
JERRY PATRICK: This is our Scooby Doo Mystery
Machine. We do everything in-house. We do the paint, the bodywork, the decals, everything’s
done right here at our shop. If we walk around, we try to get it as accurate as we can, cartoon-accurate
that is. We come around back and we get to see Scooby and Shaggy peaking out the back
window, looking down. A Scooby Doo tag for the back handle.
JERRY PATY: The famous purple front and back
bumpers try to be as cartoon-accurate as we can.
COMM: Owner Jerry first started customising
classic cars before moving onto TV and replica vehicles. Over three months, the team transformed
a 1967 Dodge van into this well loved mystery-solving machine. Every detail was painstakingly planned
to match the iconic cartoon.
JERRY PATRICK: As we come around to this side
of the van, we get to open up the side doors to reveal the secret compartment inside, it’s
rarely shown in the cartoons. We kind of took some creative liberties on the inside. About
a hundred feet of LED lighting and we get to hang out with the gang on the inside of the van.
COMM: And a project this size didn’t come cheap.
JERRY PATRICK: I get asked from time to time,
how much certain cars cost to build. With my wife sitting in the other room, I’d hate
to say the true figures, so let’s just say that I have got a stack of paperwork this
big on most bills and I don’t ever run a total on any of it from fear of what my wife
might actually say to me.
JERRY PATRICK: The biggest challenges of building
The Mystery Machine is the sheer size, that’s a big van. We are talking about doing inside
and outside, the roof, the side panels. Overall, I mean, it’s hard to describe something
that’s that enormous to work on. If you do an older car, you are talking about doing
two doors, and this car, this van, has six doors. So when you take six doors off and
have to replace the door rubber, the paint, the body and do everything, it’s a challenge.
It’s a big project to undertake, but it turns out really really awesome. I mean, I'm a guy that
grew up with Scooby Doo, and who wouldn’t want to have a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine?


Movie Buff Builds Scooby Doo's 'Mystery Machine' Van: RIDICULOUS RIDES

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