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- (man) Hey! "Do-nut" touch my donut!
- (Ian) SHUT UP!!!
- (boss) And when you're out
there with your clients,

remember it's about the bottom line
and it's never about people.

Right? Let's get rockin' and rollin', team!
Huh? Got a tight deadline.
- Um, does anybody want the last donut?
- I'm good.
- I had way too many.

- I'm stuffed.
♪ (tense music) ♪
- (thinking) Somebody's
gotta eat this last donut.

It-It just can't sit there.
- (thinking) I really want it,
but I've already had, like, five.

I can't let these guys think I'm a pig.
- Noah's such a f*cking pig.
- (thinking) If I play just it cool,
these guys will for sure let me have it.

I mean, I'm the only girl.
- (thinking) I want to eat it,
but my pants are way too tight.

F*ck you, fashion!
- (thinking) How do you spell donut?
Is it D-O-NUT,
or is it D-O-U-G-H-NUT?

- Hey, guys, you think I can get my donut?
(all) NO!!!
- (timidly) That's my do--
I ordered a donut.

- (thinking) Jesus! Go away, Janis!
- (thinking) I mean, get a clue, Janis!
- (thinking) Why in the hell
does she always smell like soup?

- (thinking) Oh my god!
Dude, I thought I was
the only one that noticed that!

- (thinking) I've never
even seen her eat soup.

- (thinking) Maybe she sleeps
in some sort of soup bath?

- (thinking) That's ridiculous.
Don't be an idiot.

- (thinking) What kind of soup
do you guys think would make

the best bath?
- (thinking) Uh, dude, tomato. For sure.
- (thinking) Tomato
could be a good lubricant.

- (thinking) Oh, trust me,
I tried using it as lube

and let's just say it works
better as an exfoliant.

- (thinking) Seriously, guys,
we really have to--

- (thinking) It burnt the first
two layers of my dick skin off!

(wind whistles)
- (thinking) What the f*ck, Keith?!
- (thinking) What?
I was gonna offer it to you

because you're the only girl.
- (thinking) That's so sexist.
- (thinking) Stupid, tight pants.
I wonder if I have a bigger pair on my desk.
- (thinking) Heh, I doubt that.
All you wear is dick huggers.
- (thinking) No, I don't!
- (thinking) I can literally see
the outline of your penis right now.

- (thinking) No, that's my new phone.
This shape is scientifically proven
to get better reception

than other shapes.

(knocking on glass)
- What are you guys doing in there?
(all) Beat it, Janis!
- Yeah! Beat it, soup girl!
- (thinking) Whoa,
did you just call her soup girl?

- (thinking) I don't know.
You guys were shouting.

I got excited. I-I don't know.
- (thinking) She didn't know that
we called her soup girl, dumbass!

- (thinking) Yeah, it's like if Ian knew
we called him playground equipment hands.
- (thinking) My hands do not smell
like playground equipment!

Most of the time.
Look, there's monkey bars in the back alley.
What do you expect me to do,
just look at them?

- (thinking) Seriously, Olivia?
- (thinking) Sorry.
- (thinking) Seriously, Noah?
- (thinking) Sorry.

- (thinking) Look, we have to do something
or we're gonna be here all day.

- (thinking) Okay, I think
I've devised a stratagem

that'll elucidate this arduous conflict.
- (thinking) English, please.
- (thinking) Okay, I think
I've devised a stratagem

that'll elucidate this arduous... problem?
- (thinking) Got it.
- (thinking) Okay, step one,
we all tear a piece of the donut

at the same time.
- (thinking) And step two?
- (thinking) There is no step two.
- (thinking) Then why the hell
did you just say there was a step--

- (thinking) Are we gonna
do this plan or not?!

- (thinking) Fine, everybody take a corner.
- (thinking) It's a circle.
There are no corners.

- (thinking) You get the point.
- (thinking) It's a circle!
There are no points.

♪ (tense music) ♪
- (thinking) Okay...
On three.
(thinking together) One, two, three!
(all groan in disgust)
- (Ian) Oh god, is that f*cking soup?!
- I told you guys that was my donut.
Did you touch this?
- Yeah, why?
- It smells like playground equipment.
- Goddamn it.
- (Anthony) Hey, guys,
thanks so much for subscribing.

Click the video on the left to watch
bloopers from this video and this:

- Oh no, I'm so sorry!
- (Ian) And click the video on the right
to check out Every Break Up Ever.

- You gotta kick that scrub to the curb.
- You're right!
- (Anthony) And if you're on
a fancy little touchscreen device,

go ahead and click
the links for all those things

that we just mentioned
down in the description below.




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